Mar 28

be a super trainer

Published by Ralph Moody


While delivering an in-house PTT Train the Trainer course last week it was suggested that the skills I was teaching were akin to having ‘super powers’.  The power to control the group and get them to listen.  Moreover, powers of dealing with challenging delegates and knowing how to get them to actually, like training.  I was told that these are powers that trainers dream of having.

Of course, these ‘powers’ are skills and the good news is that we all have them, we just don’t know how to use them.  However, with practise we can all be super trainers, and with effective use, we fight individuals who are negative towards training.

So what do you need to do to be a super trainer?

The power of cutting PowerPoint – vital for any super trainer, the moment you realise you don’t need all those slides is a fantastic feeling.  Look at your presentations now and ask how could I streamline the number of slides I use.  I guarantee you can always reduce the amount of PowerPoint slides.  Remember if you need to pass on lots of text, put it in a handout.  This power destroys individuals who dislike trainers who just read PowerPoint which includes me!

The power of engagement – engage using effective question skills and techniques and the brilliant power of ‘reasoning’ where you reason with the group to a key point or area you want the group to understand.  These are useful skills and once you master you will never look back. These powers promote active involvement in training sessions and will destroy villains who think training is a waste of time!

The power of time management – understanding where you are and being able to adapt, being able to add or remove key elements while still meeting objectives is a brilliant trainer power to have.  This power destroys time bandits who steal our time!

The power of effective communication – having a welcoming personal quality is essential to build rapport and communicate to a very high level.  Open body language where we don’t hold, fidget or play with anything.  Arranging the room, so the trainer is visible by everyone.  This power will destroy individuals who want to be negative towards training, and their powers will be weakened as they will have nothing to be negative about!

The power of structure – our super trainer's source of energy and the structure of our training.  This contains our aim, objectives and learning outcomes with an effective introduction, main body and summary.  Without this, we are powerless as this power promotes effective training with learning measured and tested.  This power destroys individuals who wonder the relevance of training!

Don't be an average trainer, be a super trainer and if you develop the powers above you will have delegates in awe of your superpowers.  




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