Apr 20

every day is a school day

Published by Ralph Moody


I am incredibly fortunate to work with some fantastic people.  Not only the people I work with but the people that go on our courses.  I can honestly say I have worked with some incredible human beings.  I have learnt so much and there is never a week or a course that goes by that I don’t learn something new.

I have a little game I play which involves trying to learn something new each day.  Of course, at school, I never thought I learnt anything, and I probably used to say when my parents asked: “What did you learn today?” ”Err Nothing”.  Thank goodness I changed and looked for opportunities to learn something new.

In the last seven days, I have discovered how much our subconscious thinking controls our daily thoughts (95%) and that much of our conditioning or way of thinking is learnt in the first 6 years of our life.  Having knowledge like this is incredibly beneficial as it helps us understand ourselves better.

I believe in life-long learning, and recently I have started to note the key things I have learnt during the week.  Writing these things down is very powerful and also great to reflect on.  I keep a nice book with a highlighted Key Thing I Have Learnt heading.  I then write down the key thing I have learnt and then how I am going to apply in my life.

Of course, life-long learning is exactly that, it’s for life and doesn’t end when we achieve a qualification or reach a certain age, it’s for life.  Make every day a school day and look for opportunities to learn and reflect on how you can use it.


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