Jul 23

helping everyone to truly shine

Published by Scott Fraser


I always feel incredibly privileged to be able to travel around meeting lovely amazing people when I deliver training. One of the things I always pride myself on is going that extra mile, helping everyone to achieve their goals as best I can.  I’d like to share with you a couple of great examples where I was able to adapt the training to ensure that slightly different individual needs were met so everyone had an equal chance to shine.

On a PTT Train the Trainer course last year, I met the delegates, and we did the introductions where one of them told me he had a learning difficulty which he had only discovered at age 32.  Interestingly, it was his wife that had found the issue and had noticed that he had adapted some coping strategies by himself but still struggled at times.  When she asked him if he had ever been screened for learning difficulties, he said, “No” so she arranged for a private consultation.  That meeting changed his life when he was given individually tailored coping strategies that would help him learn so so that I had all the information to make the training suit his individual needs; I asked him the following questions:

“Please, could you share what your own coping strategies are?” - If we all understand what these are then a behaviour or strategy should never come as a surprise to anyone in the sessions and should therefore never be a distraction.

“Please tell me what you need me/us to do so that you are going to best learn?” - Essential because it might well be that it’s not just you as the trainer that is going to help so getting buy in immediately from the other delegates will help massively.

“Is there anything else you need from me?  If there is something you don’t perhaps feel comfortable to share just now, please let me know if you need to talk now or perhaps at a break” - This is a great opportunity for anyone to share any requirements they may have and works brilliantly when you set a contract; if however, they feel awkward, a chance to tell you later perhaps in private is an important thing to offer.

And finally, I always ask for them to share continual feedback to make sure that things are working for them in the sessions and to give me the chance to adapt if necessary.

I made sure I adapted the training to suit his requirements and he passed the course with flying colours giving me superb feedback to say that he appreciated the way the training was delivered for him to achieve a pass.

My second example is hugely different.  Nothing was shared with me at the beginning of the course but when we got to the practical sessions, one of the delegates required a lot of assistance, however, the work he was producing was excellent.  Because of this assistance, he was taking longer and in the first practical session, he noticed that he was getting close to the stipulated cut off but I extended it citing that he needed more because I was taking up his time (drawing the focus to me rather than him).  Having that extra time gave him the opportunity to finish properly and he excelled when delivering his first session.  Having already seen that he needed just a little more time and assistance, I extended the preparation time in subsequent practical sessions so that he didn’t feel awkward and had the time he needed.

Like the first example, he passed the course (much to his surprise) and again gave me great feedback that said: “I appreciated the time and help through the course”.

Two very different examples and challenges as a trainer, but most importantly an opportunity to let both truly shine with everyone else.


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