Apr 24

how to deliver poor training

Published by Ralph Moody


One of the many roles I get involved in is ‘mystery shopper’ type roles where I pretend to be a member of a group but the real reason I am there is to monitor the trainer.  Many organisations use our services in this capacity to observe trainer performance.

Of course, I get to see many trainers from all sides of the spectrum.  Some are excellent while others are not effective and demonstrate poor techniques.  Ok, if you want to be a poor trainer use some of the following techniques:

Just read from PowerPoint – one of the easiest ways of switching delegates off is to just read from PowerPoint.  Have lots of text on the slide and just read from them. Poor trainers hide behind PowerPoint.

Don’t ask questions – just tell, don’t engage, give lots and lots of information.

Sit down – don’t worry about body language, you like to sit down, so you are comfy. So what if I constantly ‘click’ my pen.

Pay no attention to time management – keep running over time, you can always brush over things ‘quickly’ at the end.  No one will notice, and they will still get a certificate.

Don’t use the Flip Chart – you don’t like using it and you think your writing is bad so best not to use.

Don’t ask the group what they want – why should you? They must know why they are there.  Also, you don’t have time to ask the group for their objectives; you have 40 PowerPoint slides to get through.

Don’t do a temperature check – you are ok so everyone else must be, even the person sat right next to the projector on a boiling day.

Have no structure – why should I bother to worry about a structure that contains an intro, main and summary, just tell them what they need to know.

Don’t check understanding – pointless, highly unlikely they are going to use any of this anyway.

Don’t develop – why bother with expensive and unnecessary courses that are supposed to improve my delivery and introduce me to advanced skills; I will never use them anyway.

There are much more and obviously; we should do the opposite of all this.  However, I bet if you have attended training in the last 12 months you will have experienced some of the previous points.  Remember do the exact opposite and be fantastic. 

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