May 04

when it works

Published by Ralph Moody


As a trainer, one of the most fantastic things you can experience is when you see or hear that your training is working.  If we are honest, it’s the reason why we do this job.  It’s about delivering training that works and has improved the way people work.

Recently I was delivering our PTT Train the Trainer course in-house for an organisation in London.  The course was for experienced trainers who were competent as trainers and they were undertaking the course as part of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) process.

We were awarded the course following the organisations training manager completing our training manager course that I delivered last year.  On this course, we explain the 5-pillars of assessment and what training managers should be looking for when observing trainers.  I must have made a positive impact to have been awarded the work and was excited to hear about how the impact my training had made.

On the PTT Train the Trainer course we emphasise why we shouldn’t overuse PowerPoint, why it isn’t training to read from PowerPoint slides and how to engage.  What was exciting was when we started the session off on visual aids one of the delegates said to me “I don’t think we need to see this since our training manager has attended your training course”  I was interested to hear more.  He went on to say “Since completing the Training Manager course she had removed the vast amount of PowerPoint being used”.  When I asked if it had improved delivery, I was told that it had not only with delegates but with trainers delivering the training. 

This is what training is all about, ensuring that we change behaviour for the positive.  As trainers, we should always be looking at opportunities to change behaviour so that the training opportunity isn’t wasted.


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