Apr 02

why motorway sign writing?

Published by Ralph Moody


I always advise trainers regarding the use of motorway sign writing.  I state that the national occupational standards for learning and development suggest it and I also say that it aids individuals to understand who suffer withDyslexia.  Of course, I have been challenged on this previously, all by people who don’t have Dyslexia!

For individuals who don’t know, motorway sign writing is the writing we use on a flipchart.  It should be a capital letter at the start of each word followed by lower case writing and not joined up. 

Often people use language like “I can’t write like that” or “I don’t like writing like that” etc.  Of course, my response to all of this is that it isn’t what you like, no one cares.  What matters is that the audience can read it.  This is far more important than what you as a trainer like or dislike doing.

On a recent course, a delegate wrote on the flipchart, and the picture you see here is a photograph of the actual writing used.  I made a note of the writing but as always, I went around the room, asking what other delegates thought of the delivery.

A fascinating thing happened on the course. One of the delegates said “Yea one problem is with your writing, some of it I can’t make head or tail of what it says” He added “I have Dyslexia and for example, where it says Knowledge, I can see the start of the word and then it just doesn’t make sense”. 

A fantastic example of why we do things for a reason.  Remember, we write in lower case, not joined up and not capitals and the reason we do this is to help delegates.  Have a go; most people are much better than they think at writing using motorway sign writing and the reason why we do it?  It's to help people read.



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