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Aug 01

Train the Trainer PTT (ILM) and Coaching Skills 3-day


Course delivered by: Ralph & Claire Moody

£1150.00 per person
(exc. VAT)


This course is scheduled to be delivered at offices or hotel close to the city centre. 

This course is about giving you ILM accredited trainer skills based on the five pillars of instruction: Questioning Skills, Structure, Use of Aids, Personal Qualities and Content.  Moreover, this course also adds a coaching skills element into the course providing delegates with essential coaching skills and techniques.

Day 1

This day is about giving you the key elements that make a fantastic trainer:

Principles of training - we review the approaches to learning and development and how these are implemented in the workplace.

Describe behavioural personality using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in a training context.

We identify the skills needed by highly effective trainers to train.

We identify the structure and key elements of effective training delivery.

Describe effective questioning skills and answering techniques - including the use of open, rhetorical and reasoning techniques.

Practise delivery using skills and techniques taught.

Day 2

This day is about reinforcing what we learnt on day 1 and powerful psychological training methods: 

What I learnt yesterday - consolidation using lesson delivery skills.

Dealing with nerves - understanding why we get nervous and how to beat it

Use of visual aids - effective use of PowerPoint and Flipchart.

Managing behaviour - describe how to manage behaviour in a training session.

Identify how to evaluate training using the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation.

Assessed Sessions - delegates are assessed delivering a training session against the agreed ILM standards

Day 3

The course will provide trainers with the skill set required to be an effective coach.

Learning outcomes for the day will include:

Identify the benefits of coaching in a trainer role.

Identify skills required to provide an effective coaching environment.

Awareness of the impact of your own coaching style (MBTI and Kahler behaviour pattern) to provide an effective coaching environment.

How to challenge thinking without alienating the coachee with effective questioning.

Describe coaching questioning skills such as push and pull techniques.

Essential communication skills including a better understanding of how to listen with the intent to really understand. 

Describe Gestalt (thoughts, feelings and behaviours) within the coaching environment.

Identify the use of the G.R.O.W model in coaching.

Describe the use of Transactional Analysis in coaching to understand own motives and behaviours.

Describe how to effectively reflect to enhance a coaching session. 

Practise coaching sessions with delegates.

This course is delivered by an internationally recognised master practitioner trainer Ralph Moody and an Ashridge accredited MSc Coach Claire.  Read more about Ralph here and Claire here.

Includes coffee/tea, lunch, all study guides.


Includes coffee/tea, lunch, all study guides and upon satisfactory completion ILM Certification and Target Training certification.

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