We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from delegates after attending our courses and programmes. We also thrive on hearing from delegates about what difference attending one of our courses have made to their behaviour.

Don’t just take our word for it, as you can read for yourself just how valuable they have been for some individuals and organisations.

Time Management

"An enjoyable experience. It was a great opportunity to meet with other managers and share experiences and good practice."
Janet Cresswell - Manager, A&P LTD, WOOLER

"I have also applied some of the Time Management skills to my disorganised life. They have proved very effective!"

"Very clearly presented information. To the point and will be beneficial in my day-to-day work."
Liam Armstrong - Project Engineer, CONTITECH BEATTIE LTD

"The whole day was very useful for me as I have a very large role. Hopefully, I can take back some of the thing I have learnt today. "
Liz Simpson - Day Services Development Manager, AGE-UK, NORTHUMBELAND

"Presented in a good and fun way, with good interaction. Informative and enjoyable."
Rob Renwick - Company Owner, ALPHA LANDSCAPES

"A very enjoyable and informative day with really useful tips and ideas that I can use immediately. "
Sandra Krzoska - Sales & Marketing, CONTITECH BEATTIE LTD

"Delivery and management of the course was very good."

"I feel like I have received the skills and tools for effective time management"

"Great from start to finish and great handouts"

"Great delivery and enthusiasm"

"Really enjoyed the course, it was fun and I learnt loads"

Management Development Programme

"I was in a new management role and was quite inexperienced and wanted to learn as much as possible. The course gave me the confidence in my own ability as a manager and gave me the opportunity to look at my management style.
Working closely with a group of people over a period of weeks and sharing ideas helps to problem solve and opens up your imagination as a manager.

The course touches on personality types and the importance of understanding this as a manager. It looks at the strengths of having all personality types in your organisation and how they fit into different roles.
After completing this course, I went on to complete the Workforce Development Programme. This course looked at how to manage your workforce and get the best out of people.
From this course I was able to implement a new induction process that incorporates a competency based framework and skills audit. Through this course I have learnt that, to get the best out of the workforce they must be trained and have clear routes for professional development.
I was able to identify that there was a gap in the workforce that a competency based framework would fill. Staff must have clear guidelines to be accountable for their work performance. The framework meant that staff were monitored, over a period of time, by a mentor and then signed off once competent in their role.
I would highly recommend both of the above courses as they have given me the opportunity to gain so much knowledge and understanding of my role as a manager. I think it is important that managers look at their own personality and understand that they will not necessarily like everyone they work with but to look past that and look at the individualā€™s skills.
The training offered by Target Training Associates is excellent, both Tony and Ralph are friendly, reliable, brilliant trainers and most importantly they keep you focused and make the training interesting and fun.
Ralph and Tony ensure that everyone is included in the group and give prizes. I looked forward to their training programmes and would recommend that anyone who gets the opportunity to attend one of their courses do so."
Suzanne Loughran, Regional Manager, SELF UNLIMITED

"I decided to take part in this course because I had started a degree in service management at uni. The degree was a generic one and did not relate much to the care sector. My manager had completed the MDP previously and suggested it to me.

I took so much away from the course, as it helped me to understand how the things I learnt at university fit into the care sector. To be perfectly honest, I preferred Ralph and Tony's teaching styles to that of the lecturer's at university and felt I took a lot more away from the MDP.
They made the students feel relaxed and gave everybody the opportunity to shine. If I had not participated in this course, I don't think I would have been able to complete a lot of the work for my degree. I also gained a lot of confidence in my abilities to help my manager run the care home. The MDP was of similar context to some of the things covered at university however, the quality of the training provided by Target Training Associates was far superior.
There really is no comparison!"
Laura Middleton, Manager, TERLYN

"The standard of training on the course was exceptional, whilst the style and delivery made it enjoyable. Thanks to Target Trainingā€™s professional and structured approach to the course, I looked forward to attending each session and was eager to read everything recommended and report back on all I had put into action.

The training I received from Ralph and Tony not only provided me with new skills, it convinced me, by giving me confidence in my own abilities, that I was capable of taking forward a new organisation and able to pass on some of my skills to others, including co-founders and volunteers, hence the launch BRAINBOX."
Julie Cordon, co-founder, BRAINBOX

"Many training organisations can talk the talk when it comes to training but with Ralph and Tony, they totally believe in the ethic behind training. This I feel is vital to keep learners on board and motivated.

As manager at Accept Care, I view Target as responsive and as a company who listen carefully to what the purchaser wants. There is ongoing dialogue and support and total commitment to the process of training. Both Ralph and Tony want as much information about the training need as possible and then tailor make the training to fit this need. Therefore, the training fits the individuals need and the person is not expected to fit the training."
Pam Crawley, General Manager, ACCEPT CARE

Workforce Development Programme

"The care sector is notorious for its poor recruitment and retention and we are a small organisation with huge staff turnover costs, therefore, anything we can do to minimize these costs is beneficial. The course helped me adopt some new recruitment, selection and training processes and allowed me to review the whole subject within our organisation, with fresh eyes. It has helped identify areas of improvement and make changes within our future plans. I liked the staged delivery over a number of months, giving the opportunity to put new ideas into practice before moving on to the next topic. Finally, Ralph and Tony are great trainers and I really enjoyed the course!"
Julie Parkinson, Registered Manager, PHILIP PARKINSON HOME CARE

Train the Trainer

"The feedback from all courses is excellent. Candidates describe their experience with Target Training as first class. They have provided excellent opportunities for personal development to a wide range of staff within the Health and Social care sector. Their enthusiastic approach has motivated the candidates, who continue to ask about future Target Training courses.

Target Training provides added value to its courses with the fantastic mentoring and support to all candidates both during and following training and completion. This in itself is unique."

"On the first session it was clear to see that all participants where in the same boat. We did lots of activities to get us prepared for our presentation day we got lots of advice and information.

By the last day when I was ready to deliver my presentation, my confidence had boosted 100%. I had had so much fun on the course and felt really comfortable standing up infront of the group (something I never thought I would do!).

I have since delivered 3 presentations at uni infront of around 20 people and also delivered a presentation to around 80 managers and training providers at a website launch. If I hadn't attended this course I most certainly would not have done any of this and properly wouldn't be as confident in my job role."
Laura Middleton, Manager, Terlyn

"I gained lots of confidence and knowledge which already has proven valuable. I enjoyed both courses and was treated as an individual not a number! I gained confidence, knowledge and practical experience. I would do further training with Ralph and Tony, they were both fantastic trainers ā€“ well done and thanks."
Joanne Penrose, Manager, THE GRANGE

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - Understanding Preference

"Well paced, very informative and interesting."

"I have learnt a great deal about my own personality"

"The excercises and topics were delivered really well"
Tracey Kennedy, MHA

"I learnt so much about myself in one session!"
Fiona Alexander, SELF UNLIMITED

"The session was well planned, enjoyable, relevant and very very interesting"

"The session with Claire has confirmed to me that this was the way forward with the diverse group of staff we have. It has certainly made them think about how similar and different we all are and made them realise why some people donā€™t seem to get their points and the opposite; why they get on so well with certain other staff who are not necessarily ā€˜the sameā€™ but are compatible. Although my suggestion initially, the team agreed to undertake the profiles and following the sessions everyone found it interesting. Those who were initially sceptical totally bought into it; greatly I know due to the personality and experience of Claire, more than one said they could have talked with her all day.Undertaking this process has sparked many conversations around the table and in staff meetings and ultimately I feel this will enhance the group and draw the team together. It will enable management to put together more productive shift teams within the group and marry up those who will have a positive influence on others conducive to a harmonious house.

Kim Simpson (Manager), AK CARE

Effective Delegation Skills

"This applied a bit of rational thinking to the often apparent random act of delegation."
Louise Murray, NEP Shared System Group

"This was the best training I have attended. The delivery of the material, trainer very understanding and approachable and most importantly, I had fun learning! Nothing could have been done better! I have told other staff that they missed out on some valuable learning and I have started to delegate now and feel comfortable doing so. I think I just needed that reassurance."
Alan Phillips, RIGHT TRAK

Coaching in the Workplace

"Target Training differs from other NVQ providers because of their exceptional support. Feedback is given after each visit and the training is tailored to include workshop attendance if beneficial.
We will definitely continue to use Target Training and will recommend them as excellent trainers."

Essential Management Skills (ILM)

"All of the topics were very well presented and I feel motivated to use the knoweldge in my workplace."

"As always, training was delivered in a very upbeat manner 'FANTASTIC'"
Janice Bootland, SOVEREIGN CARE

"Target Training Associates is very professional and delivered the training to a very high standard. Although a few of us were nervous about taking the course, Ralph put our minds at ease and made the training very 'user-friendly', as well as targeting the training to our particular needs. Everyone enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. Hopefully, what we learnt will be put into practice in the workplace"

"Ralph is a legend! He is very enthusiastic and funny. Also he is very good at explaining things"

"Since being on the MDP training my attitude has changed dramatically. Not only am I 3000% more positive but I feel that there is nothing I cant achieve now. You have created a monster! I still never cease to be amazed how it actually does rub off on people though. As a result of some interaction with a new group of people last week I have received some incredible comments from them and I am blown away by the positive effect I had on them. It does work"
Julie Cordon, CONTACT

"Delivery, absolutely fantastic."

"Motivation of delegates and involvement of the group was first class."

"I really enjoyed it. The examples used in explaining management styles was done very well."
Nicola Forbes, ELPHA LODGE LTD

"Training was delivered very well, he encouraged the group to contribute and to share thoughts and ideas."

"The information was put across in a format that made understanding it much easier than reading it from a text book."
Leon Christer, CENTURY SIGNS

"Ralph is 'fantastic' at delivering training and keeping the group motivated and focused."
Sarah Stewart, UBC

"The whole training programme was at all times enjoyable, interesting and easy to follow. The whole day was beneficial."
Kendra Neale, ROSETTE

"Attention was held throughout. A fun and interesing day with great delivery and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter. "

Fantastic Customer Service

"The interactive nature of the session was delivered in a very good manner. It helped people to open up rather than just being talked at. Positive delivery had a big impact on all participants."

"Ralph is a great trainer to work with and made the whole course enjoyable. The materials complimented the course. "

"Target Training differs from other providers because of their exceptional support."

"Everyone was involved and I liked the fact that Ralph made sure that everyone had a chance to say something. Overall it was FANTASTIC!"

Presentation Techniques (ILM)

"The whole course was excellent, trainer was fantastic. Helped me loads thanks "
Sue Towers, CN Ltd

"FANTASTIC, a great course and I want to do it again!"
Beverley Common, Summerhill Ltd

"The whole course was excellent. I can't believe how much I have learnt."
Debbie Allan, HC North Northumberland

"Fantastic presenter who is very enthusiastic about his subject"
Rachel Chater, NHS Care Trust

"Ralph was so encouraging, great"
Colin Wallbanks, AK Care


"Very well presented, felt at ease and understood all of the training. Very enjoyable"
Srinivas Sandra, Self Unlimited

"Fantastic and fun"
Jennifer Cole, NCT

"Kept me interested all the way through, EXCELLENT "
Joanne Penrose, Norton Ltd

Inspirational Leadership

"What was done well:
Mixture of delivery methods and the leadership activity was really good"
Beverly Davison, Northumberland Care Trust

Self Development - Release the Power!

"The presentation on 'self development' was excellent and when I've got my dream new career sorted I'll keep you at the top of the list for any training I may be able to get involved in.
Graham Littlewood, GRAHAM LITTLEWOOD

PTT Train the Trainer (ILM) 2 days

"The delivery and content of the whole course was excellent. Best training course I have ever attended."
Angela Stockill, Northumbria Daybreak

"Fantastic! life enhancing, thank you so much."
Lynn Slassor, Eldron

"A very enjoyable course. What a difference a few days can make! has done wonders for my confidence."
Angela White, The Grange Warkworth

"Absolutely fantastic! I am so impressed at what I have achieved this week and very critical when I see training sessions in the future."
Karen Conley, Self Unlimited

"The delivery was FANTASTIC. The content was clear and easy to understand. A great course."
Paul King, Indikat Technology

"The content was amazing! Thank you"
Kim Younger, BRAINBOX

"Great attitude from trainer and very well delivered."
Kim Heaney, Nigel Frank International

"Wish I could have stayed longer."
Chris Allen, Chartwise UK

"Training was brilliant!"
Line Caspersen, Nigel Frank International

"Great mix of learning techniques, interaction and feedback."
Oliver Parrott, Nigel Frank International

"Presentation of the training session was brilliant, very engaging trainer with a clear passion."
Michelle MacNeill, Monkey Bizness

"Very good learning and flexibility concentrating on the areas we said we needed."
Rhiannon Miller, Prepress Projects

"The whole 2 days were delivered in a flexible way and considered the attendees needs and wants."
Jackie Pearson, Alternative Perceptions

"An extremely engaging trainer who totally engaged the group throughout."
Rachel Orange, Self Employed Coach/Trainer

"This course has given me the confidence that I needed to go into my new job. Ralph is a fantastic trainer and I loved every minute."
Marie Morrison, Action Aid

"I have just spent the most amazing 2 days in Ralph's 'Train the Trainer' course. As a trainer myself I couldn't imagine that I would get out of this course as much as I did. For all those people who either train for a living, or run in house training, or even need to develop the skills to effectively 'pitch', I recommend you attend Target Training Courses. Ralph has over 20 years experience in his field, and I have never seen a better trainer. Thank you Ralph - Fantastic."
Lynley Robb, BNI Northumbria

"The course was carried out really well. It was fun and with plenty of audience interaction but without being pressured. I got the feeling that I could do anything! "
Fiona Hume, Newcastle International Airport

"I have undertaken several training courses with Ralph's business; Target Training. I have been blown away by the standard of the training courses in particular the professional train the trainer course. This course has has allowed me to gain a level 3 qualification with the ILM and bring a new income stream to my business. I have attended lots of training in my time but it's fair to say Target Training are actually able to deliver training which represents value for money and are experts in their industry."
Justin Turner, Carrot Media

"The presentation and content of the course was excellent. No matter how experienced the individuals were Ralph had time to explain and listen. I know I will benefit from the course."
Trish Bromley, Newcastle International Airport

"Ralph is an excellent trainer who brings out the belief that 'we can do it'. I really appreciate the level of support given to me over the last two days."
Sonia Bramwell, Strathallen

"The course was excellent, Ralph is a great training & a credit to Target Training. I would recommend this course to EVERYONE!"
Mike Harris, Jacobs Engineering UK

"Great use of time and material, excellent."
Phillip Howe, Jacobs Engineering UK

"The whole course was very well presented."
Dennis Hawksfield, Jacobs Engineering UK

"Great course to be on, already using some of the techniques and watching how others get training across to us!! "
William Ineson, SSE

"Has helped me feel much more confident about giving a training session. Brilliant course"
Andrew Seymour, NEP

"Fantastic motivational course that filled me with confidence. Brilliant course!"
Victoria Sleath, NEP

"They always say there's room for improvement but I can't think of anything - thought it was fantastic!!!!"
Emma Pickford, NEP

"Fantastic course, learned loads, highly recommended"
Derek Mullin, North East Patches

"One of the best courses I have been on"
Dave Winter, North East Patches

"Ralph is an extremely good trainer and worked me hard and I felt that the knowledge he has shared is invaluable. A Big thank you. "
David Garrett, Northumbria Water

"We are delighted that our team has gained extremely valuable skills enhancing NEP's provision of professional training to our clients thanks to Target Training, who as always, delivered an excellent course to the team and to an exceptionally high standard"
Paul Dowse, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

"Fantastic trainer, motivated all and made everyone feel enthusiastic. I learnt a lot but at the same time had fun and it was a very enjoyable experience."
Natalia Soler, Iberdrola Engineering

"Ralph is a consummate professional who knows the topic inside out. Best course I have attended in a long time and invaluable. "
David Williams, Iberdrola Engineering

"The course was fantastic and has been invaluable to me in terms of boosting my confidence and enabling me to recognise my abilities as a potential trainer. Thanks to this training course I have now been selected to deliver training within my organisation."
Karen Forrester, Iberdrola Engineering

"Great engagement. I gained the confidence to produce my own training course."
Carl Richardson, Rich Marketing

"The whole course content and delivery was fantastic, extremely informative, relaxed and fun. This experience has given me the drive and enthusiasm to want a training environment career. THANK YOU. "
Paul Cameron, Valleywatch

"Great support and encouragement of delegates catering to their specific needs,"
Selina Bailey, HLS

"Trainer made want to perform well, very motivational. I learnt a lot."
David Gibson, Jones Bros

"Ralph's enthusiasm and delivery was infectious and rubbed off on the group."
Alan Parsons, Aerotech Plus Ltd

"The trainer was amazing, great facilitation skills and I found the training informative and refreshing."
Rachel Bratley, LDF

"I learnt things that I'll still be using decades from now."
Paul Hendrie, Higher Ability

"This course is an absolute must for anyone looking to deliver training"
Chris Allen, Chartwise

"This is one of the best courses I have ever been on, would certainly recommend it. No improvements needed."
Sharon Dyson, Self Employed Consultant

"Everything was enjoyable, even the scary parts! "
Amy White, Centre for Life

"The delivery was fantastic. It gave me a wealth of knowledge which I can go away and apply within my role at my present company."
Philip Matis, Churchill Services

"I will be taking my new skills back to the workplace, it gets an 'F' for fantastic!"
Adele Hartley-Rex, NEP Shared Systems Group

"Outstanding course, excellent trainer."
Carol Blythe, Carol Blythe Associates

"It has given me a whole new perspective on the delivery model of our training programmes, and given me invaluable tips and confidence to deliver training in ways I had not considered before. It has been a long time since I have gone to a training course and got so much from it. The delivery of the course was exceptional and inspiring, motivational and positive."
Michelle Brunton, Iberdrola

Master Trainer (ILM) 5-Day

"I was looking for a course that would give me the skills to develop and deliver training with confidence & got a lot more. The most inspiring course I have ever completed. This was due to the quality of the content , the dynamics of the group and most importantly the positive leadership of Ralph, I can not recommend it highly enough."
Rob Leaning, Organisation Change & Improvement

"The five day Master Trainer course I attended with Target Training Associates was fantastic. I work for a small community organisation and am currently preparing to roll out a bespoke community leadership programme for local residents. I needed the confidence and skills to enable me to deliver effective training to a very diverse audience with very differing needs and expectations. The skills and techniques I learned on the course were absolutely brilliant. I found the lessons on psychology (MBTI and Myers Briggs) topics invaluable in terms of broadening my awareness of delivering effective training for a diverse audience. Very helpful! The trainer, Ralph exudes enthusiasm, which totally rubs off over the course of five days, everything he preached he practiced and getting us to practice the skills in delivering training during the course was an excellent way to get it all to sink in. I would recommend thid course to anyone needing to develop their training skills"
Emma Morgan, Big Local Community

"I recently completed the Master Trainer course with Target Training. I have been involved in training for a couple of years but as the company I work for grew, I realised I needed more insight instead of using my gut instincts if I was to progress both myself as a trainer and the training I do. I walked into the course with the hope that I would learn some extra skills. What I walked away with was so much more and much of that was down to Ralph. He inspires those who attend to do the best they can and creates a positive learning environment where each attendee is involved with the training of each other. I have already put my new skills into practise and had a really positive response to those I have trained. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn the skills to become a fantastic trainer regardless of the field they train in."
Lyndsey Mutch, Top Deck Travel

PTT Train the Trainer (ILM) 2-Day

"The PTT course that Ralph and Target Training provides is so much more than just an
ordinary training course. I am absolutely buzzing with confidence after 2 days of training
and I am now desperate to put my new skills to the test. The training was delivered with
the upmost professionalism and definitely the best training course I have ever attended, I
cannot speak highly enough about the whole experience."
Richard Darnell, Whitworths Ltd

"As a solicitor I have been on many courses, this is the best course I have ever attended
during my professional career."
Sarah Bloor, Winn Solicitors

"The course was amazing, in fact, if there is a word better than that then I would use it. It
was intense and at the same time life changing. The feedback added to the process. I feel
like a different person with so much energy. I have attended courses ( I mean a lot), I have
to say your course is by far the best."
Viv Okuguni, IG Index

"After the course had ended, I delivered a training session which received excellent feedback and is something I attribute to the new skills I learned on the PTT course. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to colleagues and when I need further training, Target Training will be my first port of call. it was definitely the best training course I have ever been on."
Ruth Hawke, SYHA

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