A Trainers Guide

A Trainers Guide

Written by Ralph Moody, our course booklet included in our accredited Train the Trainer courses covering the 5 pillars of instruction. 

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A Trainers Guide follows the essential areas that all trainers must know to be an effective trainer.  It follows the 5 pillars of instruction and covers essential areas relevant to great training:

Structure - The guide explains the importance of effective structure including the use of aim and objectives.  It explains the difference between structuring a group or one to one training session.

Question Technique - Various questioning and answering techniques are described and explained to enable the reader to put the skills into practice.

Use of Aids - Ralph explores how to use PowerPoint effectively and explains how the use of other visual aids can have a positive effect on training delivery.

Personal Qualities - How to use body language effectively is discussed and explained.  Ralph also provides examples of how to build rapport with delegates.

Content - We explore the importance of effective content and how to ensure it meets the aim and objectives of the training.

The book contains examples of how we can engage delegates using highly effective training techniques.

It is essential for trainers wanting to bring out the brilliant trainer using skills and techniques proven to work. 

The book has been identified as a must-read for any trainer working in learning and development.  It is written by Ralph Moody and with over 30 years of experience within learning and development.