Sep 17

effective virtual and IT based delivery

Published by Ralph Moody


Modern ways of training delivery use modern technology and the ability to deliver training using information technology can reinforce key messages and therefore make it a great way of getting your message across.  

Unfortunately, poor use of information technology can add to confusion and if we are not careful training can be boring and highly non effective.

Some key points regarding effective virtual or IT based training

Still ask questions – Really important we still ask questions for group involvement and engagement.  Unless checking understanding keep poll or multiple choice type questions to a minimum.  Use questions that have a good open technique to get delegates to think such as “Here we see a problem with …., how could we solve this”?

Don’t just offer an information dump – Like all training it is really important that you just don’t tell.  If your doing a webinar have a series of mini activities and participants will stay with you.  The alternative will be that they will be surfing the web or booking their next holiday or worse, you could be talking to an empty room.

Keep animations to a minimum –  Remember what you think looks really funny or cool may be taken on board by an audience in a totally different manner.  There has been many a training course ruined by ‘over the top’ animations. 

Have a large public chat window – On webinars important to engage with the audience so that any questions can be answered.  It is good to stop now and again to answer questions or any comments being posted.  Additionally, if being recorded, ensure you read the question our aloud so anyone listening to a recording doesn’t miss out.

Remember the rules on slides -  Don’t make slides too busy or over complicated.  Keep transitions simple and animations to a minimum (see above).  Remember a picture paints a thousand words. 

Structure is still important -  We should still be having an effective Introduction with training aim and objectives and why its important we watch or listen.  We should then bring in the main body using questions and activities to stimulate thought.  Finally an effective summary is needed to reinforce the key points and to check understanding.  We should always link to the next session too to stimulate and motivate learning.

Still should evaluate – It is still important that we evaluate training to ensure the training is working.  Effective internal and external validation is still required.

IT related training does get a negative response from many people.  Follow some simple steps and you will see delegates comment positively.



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