Oct 12

e-learning - does it have to be that way??

Published by Ralph Moody


We are continually looking at ways to deliver effective training and to improve our provision and as a Train the Trainer provider I believe our practice should be of the highest quality.   We have some very exciting news coming soon with the launch of our new website and Learner Management System which will enable e-learning to be delivered.

I have done lots of research into courses, looking at what’s available currently online as well as looking at some fantastic Learner Management Systems (LMS) which is the interface to enable e-learning.

What has amazed me?  It's the mass of inferior learning materials available as e-learning.  I have had to endure a significant amount of PowerPoint-driven presentations which to be perfectly honest have bored me to death.  Please don’t go thinking I have been looking at the free ones, I have paid for courses, and I have subscribed to paid sessions.  If I am honest, if I were a real delegate I would want a full refund.

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about face to face training or e-learning, the same training principles should still apply.  Annoying people with 50 slides are just as bad on an e-learning platform (possibly worse) as it is in a live training event.

The good news?  Ours won’t be like that.  Ours will be a system that people will want to come back. Ours won’t be a system that you want to turn off; it will be one you will want to go back.  Ours will be one where learning will take place and not just ticking a box.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you the next stages on our exciting project. 


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