Aug 29

monkey business

Published by Ralph Moody


The most enjoyed elements of our PTT Train the Trainer course are the skills that are taught.  One of the most enjoyed skill sets taught is the ability to throw the monkey.  This monkey causes us massive problems and if we are not careful it will really cause us problems.  Moreover, if we are not careful then we can create a habit of keeping the monkey and therefore keeping the stress.  This is not healthy.

Monkey throwing is an art, I have seen really nervous individuals smash their nerves by throwing the monkey.  In other words, moving the attention from you to someone or to a group of people.  Watching someone do this for the first time and then realising they can do this anytime they want to is a brilliant sight to see.  Additionally, groups and individuals want to be engaged so they love the monkey being thrown at them.

Remember don’t keep it with you, it will cause you problems.  When you’re feeling doubt or questioning your abilities, throw it.  Get the monkey off you and give it to someone else.  



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