Apr 05

the difference between presenting and training

Published by Ralph Moody


There is a massive difference between training and presenting.  I see many blogs and videos that talk about improving presentations and then talk about training and train the trainer courses.  This is not correct and sends the wrong message regarding their use.

When we are presenting we are delivering a message, it is one-way traffic.  We may use presentations within a training role, switching from training to presenting in a heartbeat, but the skills required to train are different.

Presenting – Although similar in structure, effective presentations are about getting the message across.  We focus heavily on content and engage using effective body language and tone.  We utilise rhetorical questioning, where we pose a question and then answer the question ourselves.  Advanced presenters use anchoring techniques and embedded commands to get their message across. 

Training – Many skills from presenting are used but in training, focus on effective engagement is imperative to get to our Key Learning Point.  We use a wide range of questioning techniques to stimulate and engage thinking.  We should engage using a mixture of open questions and reasoning questioning techniques.

Competent trainers use a mixture of presenting and training technqiues where presenters use presenting skills only.  Both are fantastic, both are effective, but they are very different.  



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