Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and/or mentoring can have a massive impact in unlocking potential in staff, or yourself.

If you want to improve staff performance, make sure you have the desired impact or boost self confidence then coaching maybe something to consider. It can be a massively powerful tool, if done effectively;  making a lasting impression and boosting motivation.

We all know top athletes have to be motivated to win and so do many successful business people. Many have a personal coach, or a coaching programme/culture within their organisation because it is a recognised and effective way of improving individuals’ performance and enhancing personal growth.

Target Training can offer training programmes or personal coaching services:

Personal coaching

One example could be coaching in presenting skills -The way we present ourselves is often crucial to business and personal success. Whether you are presenting to colleagues or customers, are an experienced speaker or novice you will gain considerable advantage from professional one to one coaching, specifically concentrated on you and your own particular needs. One to one training/coaching provides accelerated learning and is a powerful method of personal development which can radically change you and how you get your message across to your audience.

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit; senior executives, sales executives to team leaders can all benefit, making them more comfortable and effective in their presentations. If your success relies on presenting or ‘pitching’, then high quality personal feedback will provide a safe and structured environment and provide inspiration, motivation and useful tips.

What will happen?

You will work closely with one of our training consultants, who will individualise their support to your needs. You will work closely, to build your own unique presentation/pitching style, which fits with your personality and enables you to express yourself clearly, with confidence and conviction and to project your energy and enthusiasm. This is about unlocking what you have inside you and delivering the best you can, powerfully and confidently; realising your potential.

Depending on your preference, the sessions can be held at your premises or off site.

Coach/Mentor Training

Coaching and mentoring within organisations are important, but it is more than just saying we ‘encourage’ it; it needs to be real and planned. There needs to be a culture, which embraces coaching/mentoring and staff need to be trained in coach/mentor roles, so they understand their responsibilities and how it all fits together. Many organisations presume that team leaders/supervisors and managers have the skills needed, but often they are under confident about what is involved and how to go about it effectively. At Target Training, we are experienced in delivering group workshops/programmes on coaching and mentoring, embedding it within organisations and can also offer Institute of Leadership and Management (iLM) qualifications in coaching and mentoring, in the workplace.

If you are interested in individual performance coaching or training programmes/qualification, please contact us to discuss your needs.


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