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The ability to coach can have significant impacts on how we deal with situations in the workplace.  Our Master Coach programme will enable individuals to apply a combination of psychological theories to Coaching Trainingimprove functional performance and strengthen your ability to respond to and initiate real change.

Our 5-day programme, designed by our Ashridge Business School MSc qualified coaching practitioner who has experience coaching across all sectors; from Shop Floor to Business Leaders and Fighter Pilots. 

Our premium 5-day Master Coach programme covers the following key areas:

Developing coaching skills from competent or master practitioner level. 

Practise key coaching skills taught, in a safe environment.

Facilitate the reflection on and development of the delegates own coaching competence.

Day 1

To understand the benefits of coaching in the workplace and the core skills required of a coach.

To understand the boundaries between coaching, mentoring, training and counselling.

To look at the six styles of intervention and to understand the pull/push question technique. How to challenge thinking without alienating the coachee.

Demonstration of a coaching session.

Contracting a coaching session, the importance of what is needed and the key skills required to provide an effective coaching environment.

Day 2

Listening skills, how to develop these with the intent to understand and not to reply.

Understand yourself as a coach. Awareness of your own style both MBTI and Kahler behaviour patterns.

Introduction to G.R.O.W and performance coaching. 

Day 3

What we have learnt so far in coaching: Assessment using GROW and solution focused coaching.

How to actively reflect on the coaching session using the assessment outcomes for practice. Reflection is vast, and most people do not know how to actively reflect.

How to deal with the inner critic.

How to overcome the imposter syndrome.

Day 4

Introduction to Relational Coaching. 

Mindfulness with practice.

Understand Gestalt, thoughts, (feelings and behaviours in a coaching relationship) How to notice and share what comes up for you as a coach.

Self-exploration as a coach. 

Understand the differences between values, beliefs and emotions.

Day 5

Understand empathy

Critical moments in a coaching session

Finally, an assessment will take place using all techniques taught.  Delegates are then awarded a grading between competent to master practitioner level. 

Completing our Master Coach programme will develop you into a truly gifted coach that will enable you to create a positive coaching culture.  Moreover, you will learn skills and techniques that will take your career as a coach to the next level and have opportunities to network with some leading practitioners in the field.


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