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Highly effective coaching skills are needed for individuals who wish to coach and develop individuals.  If coaching is to work effectively then as a coach we need to know and apply skills to get the best out of people.Coaching

Our Performance Coach course is ideal for individuals looking for a career as a coach.

This 3-day course will give you a step by step approach and cover essential skills needed to be a highly effective coach.

What's covered on the course?

Our course covers the essential skills to be an highly effective coach and covers:

Provide an overview of coaching – We will reinforce when we use coaching and explain the key differences between coaching and training, mentoring and counseling.

Identify how we establish a coaching session – The key areas are discussed including how to structure a coaching session and agreeing a coaching contract.

Describe the boundaries and barriers to coaching – Essential elements are discussed including how to manage a session to ensure that the sessions are effective.

Describe and practice the following coaching techniques and principles to include: 

G R O W – Goals, Realistic, Options and Will

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) the preferences and identifying individuals own strengths and styles as a coach

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  The cognitive behavioural traits & the link between what we think and feel plus beliefs and values

Negatives Automatic Thoughts (NAT), the Brain and Memory, Transactional Analysis (TA), Anchors, Paradigm Shift, 7 Habits and Wheel of Excellence.

Communication to include listening (really listening), body language and effective mirroring

Question Technique (push and pull techniques)

Demonstration and practise of the techniques will be utilised throughout the course. An assessment will be used to ensure that all delegates can deliver to the standard.

Benefits of completing the Performance Coach course is that individuals will have a tool-box of real coaching skills that can be used in a number of situations.  You will be able to effectively develop individuls using the latest techniques.  

Individuals who wish to have a coaching career will know highly effective techniques to use in different situations.

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