Coaching Mindset

Coaching Mindset

A coaching mindset is critical for an effective coaching culture, and this guidebook will assist you in many areas where coaching skills work best. You might be a manager requiring coaching skills to develop staff, or you might just be looking for these skills to improve yourself.  It provides greater knowledge of key coaching skills and encourages opportunities for personal reflection on current practice to enable growth.  Application of the fundamentals of Coaching Mindset will improve your knowledge and understanding of coaching and facilitate an improved awareness of self within relationships.  Written by Claire Moody MSc, an experienced performance and relational coach.

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The second in our series of coaching books, this book provides improved knowledge and skills for an effective coaching culture.  

The book can be purchased on our Amazon site here.

Written by Claire Moody, an accomplished and successful performance and relationship coach, this guidebook will assist you in many areas where coaching skills work best.

The book covers the following areas:

1.  Coaching - why it continues to grow.
2.  Do you ever feel you're going to be found out?
3.  What's going on in your own head.
4.  What do you notice when you feel irritated?
5.  What do you notice when someone enters a room?
6.  Do you notice the dance that happens when people meet?
7.  What do the first twenty minutes look like for you at work?
8.  Have you ever walked away from a meeting thinking you have agreed on something, then what you haven't agreed starts to happen?
9.  Ask yourself the question, are you present in a conversation?
10. Is there something about you that invites someone in?
11. It is all data in the room.
12. How do you prepare?
13. What do you notice when someone asks you for a meeting?
14. Create the same awareness as the person entering the room.
15. The problem with being too organised.
16. Why everyone needs coaching skills.
17. There is always time in the year to make changes, it doesn't have to be January!

Claire's mantra is that 'It's not about being the best, it's about being the best you can be' and the book provides you with the understanding to apply this philosophy accordingly.   

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