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The testimonials we receive from our international clients are always welcome:-   

"I have more than 15 years experience and have attended several training workshops along the years, various topics with different organizations, most of which were quite informative and beneficial. But I can testify, from personal recent experience, that I have never attended a workshop where benefit can be as effective and immediate and where the trainer himself can provide me with as much motivation and positive spirit as the one I have attended with Mr. Ralph Moody. I highly recommend whoever is considering, to attend a personal development workshop with Mr. Moody and I can guarantee him/her immediate and highly satisfactory outcome." Aline Samoury Ghazal, USEK

"Ralph is a FANTASTIC motivational speaker and a great trainer. His unique energy is highly contagious, he is definetly a great influencer. He is very open and always goes the extra mile to make sure his trainees are getting the best of the session. He has done a great job at engaging all the trainees and he has a very special way of managing the group in a smooth and effective manner. He helps trainees realize their full potential and guide them in the right direction. Train the Trainer program was three full days, however, he made it so interesting we didn't even notice. I would definetly love to enroll in other types of training with Ralph. Effective learning has never been more fun!!" Lina Abou Chacra, PHR

“The last four days were Fantastic, also really useful and helpful, I think we all learned a lot, andnow we have a lot to do … Ralph thank you for everything, you’re a great trainer! You didn’t let us sleep not for a second! I already recommended your course to the HRD for other colleagues and future managers.”  Nathalie Hamamji, Deputy Head of Branch Network Management Department, Bank Audi - Audi Saradar Group

“Everybody wants to get promoted, grow and eventually, become a manager, but nobody knows how to do so. As my career progressed, I found myself in need of more management skills than in need of technical skills. The Manager's Development Program did just that! While being fun and participative, the program provided the required modules that any manager needs to possess in his arsenal to effectively lead and manage his team. This program is highly recommended for managers, across all kinds and sizes of enterprises, who need to acquire that edge in people management.” Andrew Knaider, Senior Consultant, MSE Management Solutions Experts 

“Ralph, the course was fantastic and surely I would recommend to fellow managers.  I really enjoyed your expertise and professionalism delivering the course as well as reflecting theory and practice on your own life experience. For sure it added value to both personal and professional life.”  Charbel Bou Lahdo, Deputy Manager- Life & Accident Facultative Division, Chedid Re

“I need to thank you for this course which was an experience to remember for a life time. 
You were very professional in your approach and had delivered , I believe,  all what we were expecting. 
I must say you were FANTASTIC.
I did already brief my management about the importance and efficiency of  this course and am sure this will be recommended for some of my colleagues, 
I can’t stop thinking about the last four days."  Patricia Atallah, Chedid Re

“Ralph, regardless that you are Fantastic in training, I would say that it was also a therapy for me and would like to have another session.” Fouad Fares, VP Development at Capital Banking Solutions

“Your course was a big push for my professional career ,you were a “fantastic “ teacher who left a big mark in my life.” Joelle Azar, Payables Supervisor, The Net Holding

“The past month was a one big shift for me at all levels.  Having this new position along with new challenges and responsibilities wouldn’t have been better without your fantastic training.  I am actually using all the skills that you taught us from a management and leadership perspective, into analysing and sorting the proper solutions etc…I have also recommended your courses to some of my contacts who showed positive will in considering this.” Elie Bader, Commercial Manager, Sky Net