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Oct 29

Master Coach (ILM) 5-Day


Course delivered by: Claire Moody

£1945.00 per person
(exc. VAT)



To introduce the delegate to a range of coaching skills and interventions and to develop as an effective coach  

Learning Outcomes:

To develop coaching skills to either competent or master practitioner level 

To practise all the coaching skills taught in a safe environment

To facilitate the reflection on and development of the delegates own coaching competence

To develop awareness and effectiveness

Plenty of practical application of the techniques

Day 1

To understand the benefits of coaching in the workplace and the core skills required of a coach

To understand the boundaries between coaching, mentoring, training and counselling

To look at the six styles of intervention and to really understand the pull/push question technique. How to challenge thinking without alienating the coachee

A demonstration of a coaching session

Contracting a coaching session, the importance of what is needed and the key skills needed to provide an effective coaching environment

Day 2

Listening skills, how to develop these with the intent to understand and not to reply

Understand yourself as a coach. Awareness of your own style both MBTI and Kahler behaviour patterns

Introduction to GROW and performance coaching 

Day 3

What we have learnt so far in coaching: Assessment using GROW and solution focused coaching

How to actively reflect on the coaching session using the assessment outcomes for practice. Reflection is huge and most people do not know how to actively reflect 


How to deal with the inner critic


How to overcome the imposter syndrome

Day 4

Introduction to Relational Coaching

Mindfulness with practice 

Understand Gestalt, thoughts, (feelings and behaviours in a coaching relationship) How to notice and share what comes up for you as a coach

Self-exploration as a coach

Understand the differences between values, beliefs and emotions

Day 5 

Understand empathy

Critical moments in a coaching session

Assessment using all techniques taught to either competent or proficient level

Throughout the course, there will be plenty of practice with the delegates to consolidate the learning

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