Essential Management Skills

Managing staff is a significant responsibility and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Effective management requires many skills that need to be developed, to do the job competently. This two day ILM accredited course looks at the essential skills individuals need to be a great manager.

This 2-day ILM accredited course is delivered at select UK locations and you can see dates and availability here

Management Skills

The course explores the essential skills for managers and supervisors and using the delegate’s ownexperiences we examine how they can develop or improve their skills for the future. Delegates are introduced to the essential characteristics of successful managers. Furthermore, they prepare their own action plan to follow that will reinforce learning and enable real change in the workplace.

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This course is about giving you the essential skills to be a competent manager and covers the vital skills that all managers and supervisors should know.

Day 1

This day is about understanding people and providing knowledge on how we can delegate work effectively.  Furthermore, it gives an overview of conflict and how to deal with conflict in the workplace. 

Learning outcomes of the day cover Behaviour, Delegation and Conflict:

Describe behavioural personality using Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) from a management perspective.

Identify the key areas required for delegation including how to deliver feedback.

Provide an overview of conflict including why conflict happens.

Describe effective techniques to handle conflict and manage difficult people in the workplace.

Practise delivery using skills and techniques taught.

Day 2

This day is about the understanding of time management, excellent communication including speaking to groups and managing meeting essentials.

Learning outcomes of the day cover Time Management, Briefing Skills and Managing Meetings:

Identify 'Time Bandits' and other time stealers.

Describe essential time management skills and techniques.

Describe techniques to present information to groups and individuals.

Identify critical elements of a successful meeting including a meetings protocol.

Completing this course will provide you will the skills and knowledge to be able to be an outstanding manager. Moreover, your confidence, abilities and knowledge will develop significantly. 


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