Apr 13

advanced course updated

Published by Ralph Moody


At Target we pride ourselves on consistently updating our programmes and today we announce the updated Advanced PTT Train the Trainer course with some new added features. The 3-day course will still focus on advanced facilitation skills but will have several new features to add further value to the course.

The ILM accreditted course includes the latest updates:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator – All delegates will undertake the written questionnaire which will enhance understanding of essential key areas such as communication.  They will be given feedback on their results.

Course Design – There will be a new module on essential elements for course design that will include key areas such as activities and lesson planning.

Virtual and IT-Based Delivery – A new module that gives greater understanding and some top tips on the new ways of delivering training using virtual methods.

We are confident that these additional elements will provide even more depth to the established course and we look forward to seeing how trainers have developed as a result of attendance.

You can see our course schedule for the Advanced PTT Train the Trainer here and read extended information about the course here


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