Aug 23

back to work and school

Published by Scott Fraser


Like us, we hope you are well rested and refreshed from the holiday period and if you managed to get away from it all, hope you had a fantastic time. Fresh like us, your thoughts might be turning to the Christmas run up (yes, there is less than 130 days to go) or you might even be considering some valuable Continued Professional Development (CPD).

This CPD could be for you, or it could be for your staff and now really is a great time to think about turning those thoughts into action. Historically, we’ve always found this to be quite a busy time for enquiries and bookings and this year is turning out to be no different with some of our courses in September fully booked up several weeks ago. We have lots of courses coming up around the breadth of the UK that you can attend or perhaps if you or your organisation needs something a little more tailored, we specialise in that too. Here is a snapshot of where we will be hosting our fully ILM Accredited Open Courses in the coming weeks:

In September, we have our twodayPTT Train the Trainer courses in Aberdeen, Sheffield, London, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Liverpool, Southampton.

In early October, we will be running our threedayPTT Advanced Train the Trainer and our 5-day Master Trainer courses in London.

Booking is easy either electronically on our website or why not give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.


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