May 30

be a jedi master trainer in 5 days

Published by Ralph Moody


A UK based training company has just launched a 5 day master trainer course in which it plans to turn individuals into master trainers in just 5 days.

Ralph Moody founder of Target Training Associates, a company specialising in training and development launched the course in London yesterday as stated he would transform any individual into a master trainer in 5 days.

The company has a high reputation for delivering quality training and Ralph stated yesterday this was a natural extension to its courses.  “We have been delivering our standard PTT Train the Trainer course for several years now which runs over 2 days.  People often say to me they were amazed what they learnt in 2 days and often wanted to come back for the advanced version straight away”.

Using psychological techniques and effective training strategies Ralph designed the course so that even those with limited experience could be delivering training using techniques associated with very experienced trainers.  “I believe everyone can deliver brilliant training in a short period of time, they just need to know what to do and how to do it, the rest is practise and belief”

Judging by feedback the company is receiving the course looks perfect for those who want a career in Training.  See Target Training Associates website here for more details on the course.


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