May 03

Can I get funding for training?

Published by Tony Longland


In the current climate, this is a very common question. Funding has been withdrawn in many areas (government cutbacks) and people are unsure if there is any available. Funding is not the only answer to developing businesses and staff, but funding can be that useful ‘boost’ to start some development. Furthermore, the feeling that the ‘government’ are prepared to put some money into training or development can give the confidence needed to stake the next step in developing your business or yourself, for the benefit of the business.

Often, the thought that no funding is available or has been stopped gives us an excuse, or justifies our decision to be cautious (evidence to back up our caution). This has been a common thought/excuse, from organisations over the last 12-24 months, when we have spoken to them regarding training or developing staff for the future; ‘yes we see expansion in the future, but we will wait and see what happens with the economy, government policy etc’, but it’s a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario, which comes first the improvement or the investment? Because that is what we are talking about, an investment. We often talk about investing in equipment/machinery/stock, but training or developing staff for the future; improving performance is also an investment!


So can you get funding now, in the current climate? YES! If you have ambitious plans to grow your company, whether you’re starting up or have been in business for a while, you have to make sure that the workforce are fully engaged with the company’s plans. You need to ensure that your senior management have the full range of leadership and management skills to drive the business forward.

This can be supported with funding, to develop the essential skills necessary to making you/your staff capable of helping the business flourish.  There are many funding ‘pots’ now opening up and one such fund is the ‘Leadership and Management Advisory Service’, targeted at owner managers and senior leaders of businesses and social enterprises with plans and potential to achieve high growth, to develop their leadership and management skills.

To be eligible companies need between 2-249 employees, to be located in England and be able to clearly demonstrate their potential for high or fast growth. They can then access up to a £1000 grant in 50% matched funding (i.e. £2k training costs would attract £1k; an £800 cost would attract a grant of £400) for leadership and management training covering such things as:


Those eligible will benefits from:

  • Help in identifying their leadership and management skills needs via a free diagnostic
  • A personal development plan to specify the development the leader will undertake to maximise employee contribution to business growth potential
  •  A review the impact of the personal development and offer additional support in embedding learning in the culture of the organisation 


Other funds such as the Skills Enhancement Fund, offer funding in to specific sectors (frameworks) for business/staff within the Yorkshire & Humberside regions. A couple of examples are:

  • GP surgeries - to develop Practice Managers and receptionists
  • TAQA – funding towards developing staff in assessing and quality assuring in house training
  • H&S Care – to develop team leader and managers skills in managing staff and leading teams

And in Scotland there are fantastic opportunities using the Skills Development Scotland funding, which is highly flexible and can support a variety of training and development for:

  • Private Sector orgs with less than 150 employees
  • To improved productivity through better staff, provide development and growth, Improve processes or customer experience
  • 50% of each event up to £500.  Max of £5000 per business.

To find out more about these fantastic opportunities or for assistance/advice on funding or development opportunities, contact us at Target Training   (an accredited Institute of Leadership and Management and City and Guilds approved Provider).


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