Jan 23

developing the new generation?

Published by Bryan Shendon


An ever increasing number of teenagers and young adults are now turning away from Further Education and are now seeking immediate employment after leaving school. Recognising this, and with a rapid increase in work-based learning and apprenticeships, the Government has placed a greater emphasis (where they are funding) on ensuring training staff involved have the skills, knowledge and appropriate qualifications to meet the needs of today’s modern learning environment.

The training environment today can include all the normal learning activities such as classroom based sessions, observation of performance in the work place, oral/written questions as well as the increased use of professional discussion.  Furthermore, more and more emphasis towards the use of the latest technologies, such as e-portfolios, IT based learning and testing programmes and the use of video and camera phones to record evidence of performance is now an essential assessment tool. With this in mind, the new Training, Assessment and Quality Assurance (TAQA) Awards take this into account and provide individuals with a highly valued qualification that can match their skills, knowledge and experience.  Whether you are responsible for managing, quality assuring or the delivery of training there is a requirement for appropriate staff to be qualified.

With a range of different awards to choose from the individual can select the qualification which best matches their current role but also allows them to add further separate units at a later date to build up their award.

For those staff who aspire to be involved in the management, quality assurance or delivery of training or may be promoted into a training post in the future, there are theory only units which will provide them with the underpinning knowledge they will need if or when they become managers or trainers. They can then complete the practical units to gain the appropriate awards.

We at Target Training believe in the need for all trainers whether they are involved in the Management, Quality Assurance or Delivery of Training and Assessment to have the necessary qualifications to give them the self confidence and belief in their own skills and knowledge so that they can provide the best possible training to their current staff as well as any new employees.

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