Jul 25

Effective communication skills!

Published by Ralph Moody


Target Training Associates has developed a new seminar aimed at the development of effective communication skills.

This one-day seminar will set participants on the road to understanding the dynamics of communication and show them how to put their knowledge of effective communication into practice.

Rachel Orange, who is delivering the seminar says We are all aware of the need for effective face-to-face communication, and we know what can happen when things dont go as planned. This seminar is designed to help people understand the dynamics of communication, how different people have different ways of communicating and how we can take this understanding into account when we interact with them. This is particularly relevant in todays challenging work environment when people are chasing new jobs and businesses are looking to expand their customer base and perhaps engage in new markets. Communicating what you want to say effectively is imperative, and this seminar will give participants tools and techniques to help them achieve this, as well as increasing communication confidence.

Target Training will be offering the Effective Communication Skills seminar from October in the North East to anyone working in management, supervisory and administrative roles interested in their professional and personal development.

Rachel adds Im really looking forward to working with people to deliver an effective and rewarding communication skills seminar.

The Effective Communication Skills seminar will go live from October in Durham. For more information, go to the Target Training Associates website here.


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