Jan 25

effective use of your remaining budget

Published by Ralph Moody


At this time of year, many of our clients are busy identifying next year's objectives and looking for ways to maximise their remaining budget. If youíre looking for an effective way to boost your budget for a forthcoming project you may wish to consider the Target flexible training voucher. A Target voucher is a fantastic way of storing this financial yearís leftover budget and redeeming it up to 12 months after purchase. This means you can allocate training now for next year using this year's budget. The voucher can be used for a wide range of products and services such as Training Courses (open or in-house options), Consultancy or Coaching. If you would like to take up this offer just contact us. Remember we are there to help so please donít hesitate in contacting us on 0800 302 9344 or


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