Feb 08

fill that "trainer's toolbox" with our master trainer

Published by Scott Fraser


Whether you have been involved in training for some time or are brand new to it, there is one thing you'll likely have in common. Because you are involved in training, you will probably be perceived as the "Training Expert" who is equipped with all of the answers to deliver what's needed every time. We know exactly what that feels like; it can feel isolating and frustrating especially if you have no-one else to help you. The correct training of people is a massive field that sometimes isn't given enough priority which ultimately results in lots of wasted time and resources that can be ill afforded. Similarly, not giving Trainers the time and resources to develop correctly, results in what is perceived rather than what is needed both in preparation and the delivery.

One of the ways we can prevent that is making sure our trainers have the right “Tools” in their “Trainer Toolbox” to deliver what is needed in the right way through the whole training cycle.  Our fully ILM accredited Master Trainer course develops “World Class Trainers”, and over the five days we cover:

Advanced principles of training

Advanced facilitation skills

Advanced training psychology

Training design and structure

Delivery to groups and individuals

Coaching and mentoring skills

All delivered in a way that will inspire people to achieve, “The best they can and creates a positive learning environment where each attendee is involved with the training of each other.” Lyndsey Mutch, Top Deck Travel

Sounds good, then why not come and join us?  Our next course starts next Monday 12th February in London.  Please click on the date for more information, testimonials and to book a place but hurry as there are only a few places left.


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