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fresh opportunities to attend our management training courses

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Target Training Associates are pleased to announce the launch of the next round of Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP) and Management Development Programme (MDP) course dates.

These first-rate, training courses offer invaluable professional guidance and support to those starting out in management and experienced managers alike. Both courses are recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

We have long appreciated the importance of great leadership.  A well-trained, confident leader can pass on all the positive benefits of their own enhanced motivation and capability to their team.  We offer a host of useful techniques and leadership tips which makes the most of a delegate’s current approach and supports their management style to help them perform at their best.

New Open Dates

MDP  Commences  12 December 2013  in Newcastle (6 Sessions)

FMDP Commences  13 December 2013 in Newcastle (4 Sessions)

By attending our courses, managers can:

• Gain useful management and leadership advice that helps boost their skills and knowledge.

• Discuss the composition of their particular team and explore personality types.

• Consider what it takes to make an excellent leader.

• Receive help with preparing to lead meetings, seminars, presentations confidently

• Delegate well to create win-win outcomes for the whole team.

• Manage important tasks such as appraisals and time-sensitive work.

• Keep their team happy, by learning about the best routes to conflict resolution.

• Learn to motivate, inspire and support to the best of their ability.

The MDP course covers:

•Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) •Understanding Personalities •Management Master Class •Effective Leadership •Interviewing Techniques •Appraisal Delivery •Time Management •Managing and Leading Meetings •Workforce Development •Delegation •Conflict Management •Managing Difficult People •Motivation

The FMDP course covers:

•Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) •Characteristics of Effective First Line Managers •Delegation •Motivation •Problem Solving •Managing Change •Dealing With Difficult People

The great news is that our new course dates will ensure that we can meet the huge demand for these excellent programmes. Each course is so comprehensive and full of information that participants leave our courses feeling inspired and ready to face future challenges.

We recommend that interested clients contact us early to book a place.  Please call 01665 605695 or email


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