Nov 14

High Flying Training Company Targets HM Forces

Published by Ralph Moody


With the latest round of Ministry of Defence redundancies, a Northumberland based training company is using its wealth of experience and expertise to help servicemen and women gain the right qualifications to help them succeed in civilian life.

Ex-Royal Air Force Flight Sergeant, Ralph Moody formed Target Training Associates in 2003 and since then, the Alnwick based business has built up a worldwide client base and a reputation for providing quality training. His growing list of clients’ includes the oil and gas sector, NHS and many private companies. Ralph attributes the business's rapid rise to the fact that the majority of his team including his wife Claire are also ex RAF personnel and that the skills and qualities they gained in the service are valuable and ultimately transferable to a life outside of the forces.

Ralph has worked all over the world with the RAF including his last posting at RAF Boulmer where he was responsible for accrediting qualifications for people joining the RAF, a role he now sees as pivotal in his latest campaign to help those leaving the services.

“I’m now changing my initial focus of helping those joining the RAF gain qualifications to ensuring that those leaving it have the right accreditations to find a new career,” he said. “I’ve seen people with 22 years management experience leave the service with no qualifications simply because their work hasn’t been assessed to non-military criteria. My team has the experience to help these people and we also have the forces background which allows us to identify with the people we are helping.”

Target Training Associates are qualified to train to the highest levels and as well as assessing prior learning for their clients, they are focusing on providing soft skill elements that will help their clients to network, start their own business and get motivational and behavioural support.

“From a training point of view, we look at what an individual has done in their career and see if we can link that invaluable experience or skill to an accredited qualification. It isn’t as onerous for the client as they may think and we see countless people who are surprised at what they have achieved without even realising it,” said Ralph. “We are all passionate about training and thanks to our background, our main thrust this year is to help people in the services have a fantastic chance in Civvie Street.”


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