Feb 23

hitting the bullseye

Published by Ralph Moody


North East based Target Training have hit the bullseye with their latest series of Train the Trainer courses. The company specialises in Learning and Development and their Professional Trainer Techniques course has been receiving plaudits for the way it delivers the course and for the great results it gets from delegates who attend.

We spoke to a local businesswoman to find out why she attended the training course, how she found it and what she intends to do with her new skills.

Lynley Robb, Executive Director for Business Network International (BNI) Northumbria, recently completed the PTT course.  She told us why she attended the course in the first place.

“I deliver training workshops, and it is important that I am providing my clients with a good quality product.  It’s not just about the content of the material; it’s also about the delivery.  In the past I have attended a number of ‘Presentation Skills Courses’ which have been very helpful, but I had always wondered “Who trains the trainer?” and was looking for that level of training for myself.”

So what did you enjoy about the course and what did you get out of attending?

“I enjoyed the fact that we had plenty of opportunities to practise our new skills on the rest of the group, with excellent constructive feedback from the group and the trainer. I found the course really beneficial, especially understanding the different questioning styles, where and how to use them.”

Looking back now, how has it changed the way you deliver training?

“It has taken my training to a different level, I no longer just ‘present’ information; I ensure that learning takes place.”

That’s fantastic, have you noticed any difference in delegates’ reaction to training since completing the PTT?

“Oh definitely, more delegates are saying how much they enjoyed the workshops, and how they felt ‘engaged’ for the duration.”

Where do you see your next stages regarding your trainer development?

“I intend to take the Advanced PTT with Target, as I see my own development just as important as those I’m training.”

It looks like Target are really hitting the Target with their courses. You can contact Target Training Associates to find out more about their PTT suite of courses by email or by phone on +44 (0)1665 605695


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