Feb 25

improved skills for training managers

Published by Ralph Moody


Managing trainers and training programmes requires effective skills and knowledge.

Without these skills we run the risk that trainers manage themselves and that training programmes are not monitored or evaluated correctly. Target Training Associates have launched an ILM accredited master class that gives attendees a set of tools and techniques that will enable effective management of staff and training processes.

The course that is ideal for those who are required to manage trainers and training programmes and covers:

  • The Best Training Manager – we look at the characteristics of the best training manager and examine the key skills that training managers need.
  • Systems Approach to Training – we review the key elements that must be covered to ensure that training is effective and meets the need of the client.  Areas such as lesson planning, effective handouts and activities are covered.
  • Observation of Trainers – essential tools are explained and a checklist is reviewed regarding what training managers need to observe to ensure trainers meet the required standards.
  • Values and Vision – an essential management tool is to have the correct values to deliver outstanding training.  We explore the key elements required for instant implementation.
  • Managing Trainers and Difficult People – we review different personalities involved and identify key skills that can be used with challenging individuals.

Training Managers attending this training will be more confident and aware of their role.  Moreover, they will be aware of the skills needed to be able to manage effectively.

Implementation of skills will ensure improved training implementation and delivery.

Knowledge obtained on this course may be used towards further qualifications such as Level 4 Diploma in Learning & Development.

Our schedule for open events for this course can be seen here.


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