Jan 19

Knowing Me, Knowing You

Published by Ralph Moody


A care organisation based in North East, is benefitting from understanding each other a little better this year.

Staff from AK Care, based in Ashington, undertook a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) profile with Target Training Associates, who have been offering personality profiling services for several years as part of their overall training portfolio. 

Kim Simpson, Manager of AK Care identified MBTI as an ideal solution to aid her organisation “My first experience of MBTI was when I undertook the Management Development Programme with Target Training. I immediately found it fascinating how people's personality traits so dramatically affected how they communicate and how a lack of understanding of this can completely get in the way of resolutions, it was fantastic.”

Following her own personal experiences, Kim was keen to make sure all her staff were aware how different types conflicted and complimented each other in the workplace and approached Target to deliver one to one sessions with Targets MBTI practitioner Claire Moody. After staff had attended the sessions Kim said “The sessions with Claire has confirmed to me that this was the way forward with the diverse group of staff we have.”  She added “It has certainly made them think about how similar and different we all are and made them realise why some people don’t seem to get their points and the opposite; why they get on so well with certain other staff who are not necessarily ‘the same’ but are compatible.”

Following the confidential one to one sessions, Claire and Kim had an opportunity to meet to discuss the general areas.  Claire said that she finds this approach really compliments the profiling process “Obviously the sessions are themselves confidential, however it is really useful to give managers a general overview” she added “Sometimes we deliver the sessions as a workshop and managers get an opportunity to see what happens live, you almost see the light bulb go on as people realise what has been happening in their relationships with colleagues, it’s quite funny but very rewarding to see.”

It is easy to be sceptical about personality profiling but in Kim’s situation she said that undertaking the process herself sparked the interest “Although my suggestion initially, the team agreed to undertake the profiles and following the sessions everyone found it interesting. Those who were initially sceptical totally bought into it; greatly I know due to the personality and experience of Claire, more than one said they could have talked with her all day.”

It is well recognised that this type of development will continue to bring benefits to the team and business but Kim says it has already had a huge impact “Undertaking this process has sparked many conversations around the table and in staff meetings and ultimately I feel this will enhance the group and draw the team together. It will enable management to put together more productive shift teams within the group and marry up those who will have a positive influence on others conducive to a harmonious house.”  Claire added “As Kim has already expressed she feels this is only the start to the benefits this development will bring and as always at Target Training, we believe in the ongoing development and changes in people’s behaviour are the ultimate test” 

 Kim has already spoken of how she wishes to continue this development and we will continue to offer support to staff who have undertaken the profiling “I think I need to talk with Claire before addressing the group as a whole, so that I have the confidence to give direction and develop this further therefore making the team more connected, more cohesive and ultimately more effective”

Target Training are specialist providers of MBTI and other psychometric tools.  These sessions can be delivered as public events (see here) or in house designed around your specific needs.  Visit or call 01665 605695 for further information.


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