Sep 21

new course design course – dates announced

Published by Scott Fraser


It is a common theme on our PTT Train the Trainer courses that most trainers have little or no formal training in how to design training properly. Indeed, while most know that a “Design” phase is required, they are unsure as to the actual process it should follow. This means then that the training they design is often what they perceive to be trained but actually doesn’t make the changes required to achieve the purpose of the training in the first place. This then means wasted time and effort for everyone involved which is something businesses can ill afford. We have written a course that will help trainers design training that meets the real needs to meet expectations and here is a snapshot of what it covers:

1. Systems Approach to Training – Identifying all of the individual areas required for successful training with a cycle that incorporates Continuous Improvement.

2. Identifying Training Needs & Planning – Finding the overall training needs and then identifying the individual and Organisational needs within this.

3. Training Resources – The resources you will need to deliver successful training like a Syllabus, Handouts, Lesson Plans etc. that include Key Learning Points that meet the overall needs.

4. Delivery Methods – How to evaluate the best option to deliver the training most efficiently.

5. Assessment – How to design assessment activities that will indicate clearly if the training is working.

6. Evaluation & Assurance – How to ensure that the training is working at the point of delivery and further down the line in the actual workplace and then providing the feedback and results are fed back into the training design phase.


Sounds good?  We’ve just added two dates in the calendar for this new two-day Course Design Course which is 21st November 2017 and 6th February 2018 in London.  Please click on the dates for more information and to book a place.


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