Jan 10

New ILM Qualifications Improves Efficiency and Effectiveness Across the Workforce

Published by Ralph Moody


In the current economic and business climate, companies of all sizes and sectors are reducing their manpower and restructuring the remaining workforce to take on extra responsibilities to make them more effective and efficient. The UK Commission of Employment and Skills (UKCES) has carried out extensive research and evaluation by interviewing business leaders from across the UK. They have identified that as well as the need to up-skill an expected 2.2 million extra mid level managers by 2017, all levels of the workforce would benefit greatly from extra training and qualifications to ensure they can be the effective and efficient workforce that companies and organisations really need.

To meet this need the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) have developed a raft of new Vocational Qualifications to complement its existing Leadership, Management and Team Leading qualifications and now cover all levels of the workforce.

The new qualifications are as follows:-

Level 2 Award & Certificate in Effective Team Member Skills (VRQ) designed to provide practicing team members and potential team leaders with the knowledge and skills to assist their development and enable them to become more effective in their workplace.

Level 2 Award & Certificate in Team Leading (VRQ) designed to give practising and aspiring team leaders a solid foundation for their formal development as a leader.

As a large number of companies and organisations deal with the European and wider global markets ILM have introduced International Qualifications for practicing and potential Team Leaders and Managers who work overseas and these are as follows:-

Award in Leadership and Management for 1st Line Managers (VQ) - developed for individuals new to management or wishing to step up into their first management role.

Certificate in Leadership and Management for Middle Managers (VQ) designed for those in team leader or manager roles who wish to boost their effectiveness and career development.

Diploma in Leadership and Management for Advanced Managers (VQ) designed for experienced managers to enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in essential areas such as Critical Thinking and Improving their Leadership Potential.

The UKCES and ILM have identified that many organisations seek the advice and guidance of Management Consultants to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business and therefore to recognise this they have developed qualifications which will provide further credibility for those individuals who provide this consultancy.

They are as follows:-

Level 5 Award and Certificate in Management Consultancy (VRQ) ideal for those providing a consultancy service, either employed or self employed, covering key areas such as working with clients to understand the nature of their problems, planning, implementing and sustaining solutions.

Level 7 Award and Certificate in Management Consultancy (VRQ) ideal for experienced management consultants, and focus on developing effective relationships with clients, as well as looking at the knowledge and methodology needed to solve client issues.

Level 7 Diploma in Management Consultancy (VRQ) ideal for aspiring and practising management and business consultants, focusing on developing effective relationships with clients and providing the knowledge and methodology needed to solve client issues and assist them in developing commercial opportunities.

We really believe these qualifications provide the cornerstone for an effective and efficient workforce. Furthermore the VRQ route provides an appropriate learning process and not just box ticking. For further information on these qualifications and those already listed in the Qualifications section of our website please contact us by phone 01665 605695 or e-mail and we will be pleased to assist you in your enquiries.


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