Nov 21

New Management & Team Leading Qualifications

Published by Ralph Moody


August saw the launch of the new Management and Team Leading qualifications that were rolled out under the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF) process.

The previous qualifications, NVQs in Team Leading and Management have been replaced by the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Team Leading, Level 3 Certificate in Management and Level 5 Diploma in Management. So whatís the difference? Well apart from a different title, overall there are no drastic changes; however the structure and number of Units have been greatly improved. Previously with the standard NVQ, all units within the qualification where at the same level, i.e. L3, this meant that an individual had a limited choice of units that they could select to match their role. Far greater flexibility has now been achieved from a diverse range of optional units at different levels to ensure that individuals and their organisations can achieve a qualification that accurately reflects their current role, responsibility and future development needs of the individual or organisation.

Qualifications on the QCF are based on a credit system with each unit having a credit value and each qualification requiring a certain numbers of credits to be gained. Units can be completed at different levels * and also completed independently.† This adds greater flexibility to the qualifications and hopefully suits individuals; furthermore credits can be banked until enough credit has been accumulated to gain a full qualification. †††††††††*(based upon rules of combination)

Letís have a look how this could work in the workplace, for example, the new Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Management requires a minimum of 25 credits, of which 14 credits must be at this level, with the remainder coming from level 2, 3 or 4. The level indicates the depth of knowledge and competence required. There are 3 mandatory and 36 optional units to select from whereas before only 18 optional units were available in the old qualification.† These new units give the opportunity for improved learning opportunities and they cover areas such as recruiting staff, managing conflict and procurement.† Having a comprehensive and diverse list will provide staff in Team Leading and Management roles with the opportunity to demonstrate, develop and improve their practices and knowledge by achieving a professional qualification with a far greater degree of flexibility.† Furthermore, it gives us greater opportunity to deliver the awards at a pace best suited to the individual not the training provider!

To continue with the success we have achieved with our candidates who have completed the Team Leading and Management qualifications in their previous guise, Target Training Associates are fully approved to deliver these new qualifications and we have already developed our delivery programme along with the Information, Advice and Guidance that our customers will need to achieve their chosen path. †The qualifications are ideal as framework for team leading and management development for any organisation, if you would like more information why not give us a call.


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