Feb 01

new training design course - only a few places left

Published by Scott Fraser


It's nearly time for our brand-new Course Design course to be delivered, and we are very excited for its launch. We commonly talk on our courses about how as a trainer we are often looked at as the "Training Expert", despite not having had much or indeed in some cases, any formal training! It's not the case that because you might know how to deliver training, it means you know how to correctly plan and design it.

You will often be told, “We need Training on that” and in your mind you might be thinking, “Where do I start”.  You and your Manager will both want the same goal but being a subject matter expert in a particular field takes time and training, so this is where we can help.  Our brand-new course design course is perfect if you need to get the help to ensure you can make all of your training “Does what it says on the tin.”  Here is a summary of what we will be covering:

Systems Approach to Training – Identifying all of the individual areas required for successful training with a cycle that incorporates Continuous Improvement.

Identifying Training Needs & Planning – Finding the overall training need and then identifying the individual and Organisational needs within this.

Training Resources – The resources you will need to deliver successful training like a Syllabus, Handouts, Lesson Plans etc. that include Key Learning Points that meet the overall needs.

Delivery Methods – How to evaluate the best option to deliver the training in the most effective way.

Assessment – How to design assessment activities that will indicate clearly if the training is working.

Evaluation & Assurance – How to ensure that the training is working at the point of delivery and further down the line in the actual workplace and then ensuring the feedback and results are fed back in to the training design phase.

Sounds good?  Our course is running on the 6th February 2018 in London.  Please click on the date for more information and to book a place but hurry as there are only a few places left.


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