Jan 18

new year = new opportunities

Published by Scott Fraser


Itís been a hectic start to 2018 with three very busy Open PTT Train the Trainer courses completed with Ralph in London, Bryan in Leeds and Scott in Edinburgh. We look forward to hearing how all of our 2018 early PTT graduates get on back at work throwing the monkey!


With us well and truly into 2018 now, I wonder how many of you have already faced training challenges that you are looking to address?  Maybe you’ve experienced a lack of skills or knowledge with a new or existing project, or you just want to develop your training delivery skills?  If so, we can help you with our Open Courses:

Need to get the skills, confidence and self-belief to motivate, engage in making your training actually work?  Our 2-day ILM Accredited PTT Train the Trainer is perfect and is coming to Belfast, Bristol, Leeds, London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham and Manchester.

We have our brand new Course Design 2-day course running in London on February 6th which will help you understand the importance of getting your training resources right with the skills to develop them within a systems approach to training.  If you’ve had little or no formal training in how to design it correctly, this course is perfect for you.  Be quick though as there are only a few places left. 

Our next Master Trainer course is coming up on the 12th of February.  If you are new or even experienced in training, our 5-day course will give you a fantastic skill-set of tools to be a world class trainer.  Again, there are only a few places left on this course so if you’re interested, book soon.

We also have our Advanced PTT Train the Trainer course running on February 27th.  Maybe you are an experienced trainer or you want to consolidate your skills after our standard PTT?  Learn how to deliver training to an advanced standard with our 3-day ILM Accredited course.

It’s not just about training trainers though, we also have proven Management Development programmes available which are designed to inspire and empower Managers and Leaders.  These will soon also be appearing open courses so keep an eye on our Open Courses Schedule or get in touch if you’d like more information.

Also don’t forget, it’s not just open courses we provide, we can come to you to provide In-house solutions for any of your training needs as we have done for many organisations.

We’re all so excited about the opportunities and challenges 2018 will bring, but we are fully equipped for them, are you?


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