Feb 24

Passport to development

Published by Ralph Moody


Getting value for money is critical in the current climate, but so is continuing to develop your workforce and key to that development, is having a training plan.

Here at Target Training we speak to many people responsible for planning staff training and recognise that planning ahead for staff development is difficult and it's often hard to look ahead and commit to dates/events or to recognise who might need a certain event.

Our ‘Target TRAINING Passport' takes away some of the ‘headaches’ of planning training, whilst saving you money at the same time!

The Target TRAINING Passport offers three ‘win-win’ situations:

  1. The passport gives you 5 days training, for the price of 4! The choice of 5 days quality training from our catalogue of training courses.  See our website here for course details.
  2. Flexible and Adaptable.  No need to name staff now, you choose who and when places are used
  3. You are protected from any price increases
  4. £750 worth of training for only £600

Learning & Development for a business and its workforce is a process, and having a plan is critical. So often when we put together a plan, the plan becomes the end rather than the means, but the plan should be a general guide, with flexibility built in; staff development needs and staff change.

The ‘PASSPORT’ is a fantastic way to plan and budget for training while saving money in the process.

To arrange your passport or to get more details, email


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