Jan 25

The early bird catches the...

Published by Ralph Moody


not only the worm but a fantastic discount offered by Target Training on all their public and open events.

Target Training are passionate about improving staff performance and skills and have recently launched their 2011 open and public event schedule around the UK.

Tony Longland co-founder of Target made the announcement at a recent network event in the North East explaining why it was important for organisations to plan staff development early. “Effective workforce development isn’t done at the last minute; organisations and individuals are required plan their development accordingly.  We see this approach of offering a discount as a great way of encouraging those to plan effectively while saving some money in the process.” he added "In this climate you have to stand out and there is no better way of doing this than an effective and motivated workforce which can be gained through training." 

The company who are renowned for the delivery of innovative training since 2003 have launched their key popular workshops around the uk including Essential Management Skills, Time Management, Professional Trainer Techniques, Understanding People & Personalities and Fantastic Customer Service.

Organisations and individuals will be able to take advantage of a 10% discount from normal public rates up until two months before the scheduled delivery date.  The discount will not be shown on the website but on invoice. Target Training will be delivering training throughout the UK including events in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.   See their website for further details.    


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