Oct 22

Cutting back on training, and developing a workforce is a false economy

Published by Neil McLoram


Target Training has issued a warning that cutting back on training and developing a workforce is a false economy that could lead to serious problems in the coming years.

With £81bn in cuts, and a forecast of 490,000 jobs lost over the coming years in the public sector, the fear is that training staff will be put on hold or even cancelled in order to save money. Target Training say this is a mistake.

“It’s a very common approach, and seems initially to be a sensible response to cut training budgets,” says Ralph Moody, co-founder of Target Training, “The first areas that people look to cut in recession are what they consider to be ‘luxuries’ and unfortunately that often includes training and development.”

Ralph believes cutting training budgets poses a serious risk to companies and organisations for a number of reasons, including the likely departure of staff that businesses struggle to replace.

“Not investing in training is simply wasting money that’s been invested in previous years. Once training is dropped from the agenda, organisations usually find their workforce reduced to what it was a few years earlier. Learning is about building, understanding, and refreshing. If there is no training for a year or so, the previous learning can be lost.” said Ralph.

Unlike some ‘off the shelf’ training courses currently available, Target Training focus on people, by either reinforcing or changing behaviours which are then applied within the work environment.

Target Training believes that staff development and learning is more important during recession as the competition for contracts and work is stronger. They specialise in providing bespoke training solutions and accredited qualifications in areas including management, workforce development, customer service and soft skills, and business and leadership training.

Ralph adds, “It’s a false economy not to retain or invest in a training programme. The fact that giving staff salary increases is more difficult, means that continued investment in those staff becomes important for retention and motivation. We can demonstrate many examples of how investing in skills delivers benefits and enables organisations to remain robust in these tough times.”

The highly trained team of course deliverers and trainers at Target Training aim to provide independent consultancy solutions targeted to an individual’s needs in a way that enables people to enjoy the experience and gain as much as they possibly can both during and with support, after a course.

“ It’s not only about the course content; it’s the added value of giving people confidence, motivation and the belief in what they can achieve whilst at the same time improving their performance in a positive manner” explained Ralph.


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