Jul 18

Who needs a management or leadership qualification?

Published by Bryan Shendon


The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) which is the largest awarding body in this field have identified some very interesting facts:-

There will be an estimated 900,000 new managers put into posts between now and 2017 and due to the current economic climate they will be expected to do more as workforces shrink. Out of this number 60%, will not choose to become a manager but will be internally promoted to the position. Furthermore, only 1 in 5 current managers are professionally qualified and a large number of these have a qualification below Level 2. It is no wonder then that many of these new managers will lack confidence in areas such as Setting Team Objectives, Delegation, Providing Leadership, Solving Problems and Managing Conflict as they have nothing to show that they have done it before.

Target Training, a NE based training company, believe in working with current Managers and Team Leaders as well as those with Team Leading /Middle or Senior Management potential or aspirations to gain an internationally recognised qualification in Management or Leadership and develop the confidence to become highly effective in their present and future careers.

ILM is recognised as the awarding body most likely to be specified in public sectors tenders or job applications, they have over 110 programmes to choose from and have a specialist online learning and development portal for all who register to do a qualification. It is for these reasons that Target Training as a registered ILM centre, offers and delivers a wide range of Management and Leadership qualifications to both Individuals and Organisations. We have helped senior non-management staff to become confident Team Leaders, assisted Team Leaders to take the first steps into management and given Middle and Senior managers a qualification to match there knowledge and skills whilst allowing them to identify areas for further development for their organisations and themselves.

So back to the original question Who needs a Management or Leadership Qualification ?, well the answer could be you or your staff, so for more information contact Target Training at or 01665 605695 they can assist in the development of all Team Leaders and Managers, either present or future.

You can find out more information regarding qualifications on Management and Leadership here.


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