At Target Training Associates we offer bespoke 1-1 coaching sessions tailored to fit your needs.

Whether you want to develop your career, improve your leadership abilities, or pursue personal improvement, our professional coaches are here to help you every step of the way.

1-1 coaching is an excellent tool for personal and professional development since it provides personalised help that meets your specific issues, goals, and desires. This personalised method enables intensive, focused work on specific areas for improvement, resulting in faster growth than more generic kinds of learning or development. With the undivided attention of a qualified coach, you will receive rapid feedback, tactics that are tailored to your unique style, and the accountability required to accomplish major improvement. Furthermore, the secrecy and trust created in a coaching relationship fosters an environment conducive to open discussion and vulnerability, both of which are essential for meaningful transformation.

Whether you want to advance your profession, improve leadership abilities, or overcome personal obstacles, 1-1 coaching offers a personalised approach to accomplishing your goals with clarity and confidence.

Why choose us for your coaching journey?

Our coaches are specialists in their fields, quality-assured, and receive frequent coaching supervision. They are all seasoned professionals with years of expertise, guiding people from many walks of life, they continually offer unflinching support to everyone.

We offer a very Personalised Approach: Understanding that every individual is unique, our coaching sessions are customised to your specific needs, challenges, and objectives. This could look like a group of hours or set individual timed sessions, we are immensely flexible in our approach. It is what works for you.

We offer confidentiality and trust, something you will always get with external coaches. Our commitment to trust and integrity ensures that you can fully engage in the coaching process with confidence and peace of mind.

Through deep listening and thoughtful guidance, we help you uncover your strengths, overcome obstacles, and chart a path toward success.

If you feel ready to embark on a transformative journey Schedule a complimentary chemistry call with Claire who heads our team of coaches.

Claire holds an MSc in Executive Coaching, has a huge amount of experience, and holds a Pg Dip in Coaching Supervision.  Moreover, as a global EMCC Coaching Supervisor, EMCC is one of the two main bodies in coaching, she assures regular coaching supervision, and quality assurance in our team. Something you don’t get in many coaching providers.

Schedule a Chemistry Call

To ensure we are a good fit to work together we always encourage a FREE chemisty call.  This is of huge importance to get the right coach and to answer any questions or queries you may have about the process.

Typical questions asked on a chemistry call could include:

1. What qualifications or experience do you have as a coach?
2. How do you customise your coaching approach for each client?
3. What is the expected duration of the coaching process?
4. How frequent are the coaching sessions, and what is their duration?
5. What kind of support do you offer between sessions?

These questions and many more will be answered in the Chemistry call.  Just fill in your details below and Claire will be in touch to arrange a call.

Remember this process is completely free but essential for the coaching process.