Ralph moody

Director & Master Trainer

Ralph had a vision which led to the formation of Target Training Associates with an aim to provide individuals with the tools they require to thrive in demanding circumstances.
A master trainer and consultant he has a passionate commitment to developing leaders, managers and trainers who aspire to excel.
With a profound background of over two decades of service in the Royal Air Force, Ralph brings a unique blend of discipline, leadership, and strategic thinking to his current role.

Based in London, Ralph has dedicated himself to empowering professionals through high-impact training courses that enhance skills and confidence. His leadership journey is supported by his experience in the Royal Air Force, where he honed his skills in managing complex operations and training programs, ensuring high standards of excellence.

Known for his motivational speaking and effective training techniques, Ralph is committed to helping individuals and organisations achieve their full potential. His work extends globally, offering tailored training solutions that resonate with a diverse clientele.

Ralph is incredibly proud of what the team at Target Training Associates have achieved particularly achieving the rating of 5.0 with Trustpilot.

You will see Ralph delivering the full suite of Train the Trainer courses and Management Development programmes which he co-delivers with his wife Claire.

He enjoys international travel and is addicted to German beer. He loves aviation and is a qualified pilot and considers flying his own plane to be a dream come true.

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Claire Moody

Director & Master Trainer

Claire is an acclaimed Professional Coach, Supervisor, and Trainer, known for her profound impact in the fields of Executive Coaching and Leadership Development.
With over 35 years of rich experience, Claire has mastered the art of facilitating significant changes in high-level professionals, including CEOs, Directors, and Senior Managers across various industries globally.

Claire's extensive experience includes 24 years in the Royal Air Force, where she served in various capacities including as a Fighter Controller and an Executive Coach. Her RAF career was marked by excellence in operational roles and training. Her performance coaching during this time not only saved millions in training costs but also significantly enhanced the operational readiness and capabilities of the RAF personnel.

Claire holds a Master of Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching and Coaching Supervision from Ashridge Business School. Claire is also an accredited Executive Coach with Ashridge and holds a Global Coaching Supervisor level for EMCC, one of the two main regulation bodies in coaching, reflecting her high standards and expertise in executive coaching and supervision.

Based in London and as co-director at Target Training Associates, Claire leads a range of initiatives designed to enhance the skills and effectiveness of leaders and managers. She specialises in 1-2-1 coaching, coaching supervision, and delivering training that emphasises emotional intelligence, effective communication, and team dynamics.

Her approach is tailored to foster deep self-awareness and interpersonal understanding among her clients, enabling them to lead with greater impact and empathy. Her work has not only saved millions for organisations but has also earned her numerous accolades and consistent 5-star ratings on Trustpilot.

Passionate about personal and professional development, Claire's sessions are renowned for being transformational, equipping leaders with the necessary tools to enhance their operational effectiveness and personal growth.

Claire’s commitment to excellence in coaching and training makes her a pivotal part of Target Training Associates, driving forward the mission to develop world-class leaders equipped to handle the challenges of today's dynamic business environment.

Leading on all things related to coaching, she also delivers the PTT Train the Trainer courses and co delivers the Management Development Programmes along with her husband Ralph.

Her passions are travel and keeping fit. She attends the gym daily and believes a healthy body contributes significantly to a healthy mind.

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We are five star ★★★★★ rated excellent with Trustpilot

Scott Fraser

Associate Director & Master Trainer

Scott Fraser is a renowned Master Trainer and Consultant at Target Training Associates, who brings a dynamic blend of enthusiasm and expertise to his role, particularly in public speaking and trainer development.
His remarkable journey from overcoming his own fears of public speaking to helping others conquer theirs is a testament to his dedication and skill. Scott’s innovative five-step approach to public speaking empowers professionals to exude confidence and engage their audiences effectively, fundamentally changing their approach to communication.

Scott Fraser's career in the Royal Air Force spans over two decades, during which he made significant contributions to learning and development across various capacities. His tenure as a Learning & Development Assurance Manager at the School of Aerospace Battle Management allowed him to ensure strict adherence to the defence quality standard for training policies and practices. As a quality champion on the management board, Scott influenced strategic training decisions and best practices organisation wide.

Beyond his training capabilities, Scott is celebrated for his significant achievements in snow sports, having been named the U.K. Snowsport Coach of the Year 2023. His multifaceted expertise not only enriches his professional endeavours but also inspires those around him to achieve their personal best, whether on the ski slopes or in the training room.

You will see Scott on our PTT Train the Trainer and Advanced Train the Trainer courses. Additionally, he leads on the Train the Trainer Academy which is part of our e-learning gateway.

Unsurprisingly, skiing is a massive passion for Scott. He is also a very good tennis player and enjoys travel of all types, but particularly rail and air.

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Marcus Dimbleby

Associate Master Trainer

With a rich background in leadership and transformation, Marcus Dimbleby brings over a decade of experience and strategic consulting. An accomplished author and engaging keynote speaker, Marcus is dedicated to empowering organisations and individuals to excel through resilience, adaptability, and strategic foresight.

Based in Cyprus, Marcus has cultivated a diverse following through his proactive approach to change management, leadership development, and corporate training. His expertise is grounded in his extensive experience with notable tenures at the Royal Air Force and various prominent financial institutions where he led major agile transformations.

Marcus’s extensive Royal Air Force career spanned over 24 years instilled in him a profound expertise in change management, leadership training, and operational planning. His roles have included Senior Operations Officer and Aerospace Battle Manager, where he was integral in developing strategies for air security, including for the London 2012 Olympics, and in leading significant transformation initiatives and coalition operations across global theatres.

Marcus is known for his people-focused approach, blending passion with pragmatism. He lives by three simple rules: always do the right thing, do it right if you're going to do it, and have fun along the way. His professional mantra, "Be the Difference," captures his commitment to meaningful change and innovation in every endeavour.

Marcus leads on our Critical Thinking Tactics for Leaders courses. We are really proud to have Marcus with us not only for his exceptional communication skills, but his ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and conviction.

Living in Cyprus his passions include the perfect combination of sailing and traveling. He loves people and enjoys conversation and discussion, typically over a glass of Rum.

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Zoe Poulton

Associate Master Trainer

Based in the London Area, Zoe is an esteemed EMCC Accredited Coach and Mentor renowned for her expertise in leadership development and change management. As the founder of Glass Ripple Consulting, she has an exceptional track record in fostering organisational change agility and resilience, helping businesses navigate and thrive through transformative changes.

Zoe’s extensive career in the Royal Air Force for over 16 years, equipped her with unparalleled skills in leadership training, talent management, and strategic project management. Her significant contributions include leading the design and implementation of a comprehensive leadership training program for RAF officers, managing large-scale infrastructure projects, and driving HR and change management strategies across global locations.

Her approach prioritises people before processes, ensuring that personnel are prepared to meet and adapt to changing business landscapes effectively. Zoe’s experience extends to developing training packages for new equipment and spearheading innovative training initiatives that have substantially improved training efficiency and effectiveness.

We consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have Zoe as a member of our team because her principles and approach are unparalleled. She delivers our Navigating and Leading Through Change courses.

With strong personal values of connection, learning, curiosity and growth, Zoe spends a lot of her time reading and travelling, and with her mixed cultural background, loves to learn more about different cultures and their customs.

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Chris Breedon

Associate Master Trainer

Chris is a seasoned mediator and conflict resolution expert based in Retford, England. With a distinguished career spanning over three decades in the Royal Air Force, Chris brings a wealth of experience in senior management, human resources, and training to his role at Prospero Professional Solutions.

His RAF background, where he honed his skills in equality, diversity, and inclusion, underpins his expertise in mediating workplace conflicts and training others in these critical areas.

During his tenure with the RAF, Chris was instrumental in the development and delivery of strategic management and leadership training courses. His efforts were geared towards enhancing communication and operational effectiveness across various levels of the organisation. Chris's deep understanding of the dynamics of conflict and his ability to engage diverse groups make him an invaluable asset in resolving disputes and fostering healthier workplace environments.

At Prospero Professional Solutions, Chris is known for his pragmatic and empathetic approach to mediation. He specialises in addressing unconscious bias and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion—key factors that he identifies as foundational to preventing conflicts. His workshops and training sessions are not only informative but also transformational, equipping individuals and teams with the skills to manage and resolve conflicts effectively.

Chris's commitment to putting people at the centre of the resolution process and his comprehensive approach to training make him a standout mediator, dedicated to enhancing organisational culture and effectiveness.

You will see Chris on our Mediators Mindset courses and we were thrilled when Chris agreed to work with us; he brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our offering, and we know our clients would benefit greatly.

Chris is an avid grower of chilis and a massive rugby fan. He also enjoys wargaming and reading.

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Rob Hames

Associate Master Trainer

Based in Alnwick, England, Rob is the visionary founder of Trail Finder Coaching and a seasoned ILM Accredited Coach and Mentor. Specialising in personal and professional transformation, Rob's approach is deeply rooted in his extensive background, where he developed robust leadership and change management skills over a remarkable 21-year career in the Royal Air Force.

Rob has crafted the innovative "Thrive to Survive" program, designed specifically for men aged 30-50 who are seeking significant career and life changes. This program utilises a structured methodology to ensure clarity, action, and effective results in personal transformation.

Rob’s style is characterised by a commitment to fostering self-awareness and decisive action, helping clients align their careers with their true values and beliefs. His work is underpinned by a passion for unlocking potential and guiding individuals through critical crossroads in their lives to achieve fulfilment and success.

On his dynamic workshops, Rob is dedicated to helping his clients navigate the complexities of change and to emerge stronger and more aligned with their life's goals.

We think Rob's course Thrive to Survive: Transforming Your Life, is completely unique, and we were thrilled when he agreed to deliver it for us. There is nothing like it!

Rob’s passions are getting out in the country, particularly with his family in the wonderful Northumberland.

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