scott fraser - master trainer and training consultant

Scott Fraser

Scott joined us in 2013 as an Associate Trainer after a hugely successful career in the RAF and brings with him 20+ years of experience in training design, delivery and assurance.  Scott’s passion for training came when he realised how he enjoyed helping people learn & develop and it’s safe to say, he’s as passionate today!  Scott has an impressive portfolio of training qualifications but also has a BA in Business and Enterprise which gives him a great insight into how training maps directly into business growth and development.

Scott’s been involved in delivering our Train the Trainer courses as both open and in-house for a range of International clients, and his feedback speaks volumes on how well he brings out the best in everyone.  We asked Scott what he likes about working with us, and he said, “I count myself lucky to be able to meet so many great people who are willing to work hard to develop themselves into great trainers.  There’s nothing more satisfying for me than seeing how much people can develop over a short period with the right encouragement and skills; it's hugely empowering for me when I get feedback that tells me people’s learning has had so much impact on those they train, their career and even their lives.”

In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing Tennis and Skiing and holds Coaching / Instructor qualifications in both sports.  When he’s not training with us, you can find him at his local dry ski slope where he works as an Instructor delivering ski lessons and as a development coach for a local Ski club.