extended information - taking training to a whole new level

 "The facilitation of inclusive participation, the motivating delivery and the exceptionally positive reinforcement of skills with an effective identification of areas for development were second to none I have experienced. Exceptional!" Andrew Graham, Graham Consultancy

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Delivering highly effective training is essential to ensure that the aims and objectives of the training are achieved.  This relies heavily on the trainer to motivate and empower individuals to put skills into practice.  This practical based ILM accredited Advanced PTT Train the Trainer programme looks at the advanced delivery techniques which take training to a whole new level.  It is suitable for trainers who wish to develop their skills or those who have completed a standard Train the Trainer or our Professional Trainer Techniques (PTT) course.

Using the techniques and skills learnt on this course trainers will be developed to be able to facilitate excellent training using the latest techniques.

A three day ILM accredited Advanced PTT Train the Trainer programme. It is ideal for those individuals who are experienced or wish to develop to a very high standard.  The learning outcomes cover:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - all delegates undertake the MBTI questionnaire and results reviewed, different types are explained.  These results are referred to throughout the course to give a better understanding of behaviour.

Advanced facilitating skills - essential techniques are explained and demonstrated including how we communicate effectively and how to engage using highly effective 4-part reasoning questioning techniques.  The use of emotional learning and anchoring techniques are discussed and practised.  Aims, objectives and learning outcomes are all described.

Dealing with difficult people - exceptional people skills are discussed and reviewed.  Furthermore, we explore highly effective techniques to counter problematic situations from escalating.

Course designwe review the advanced key elements that must be covered to ensure that training is effective and meets the need of the client.  This includes essential design tips and a review of how to set up an evaluation process. 

1-2-1 training - is explained and the processes used are identified including how we effectively give feedback.

Virtual and IT-based delivery - we explore the essential elements regarding efficient delivery and discuss what is needed for this method of delivery to work.

Assessed sessions - delegates get an opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice. This is assessed against the approved ILM assessment criteria.

“I highly recommend this course to anyone involved in training. The Advanced PTT course was excellent; both in content and in the superb delivery of the material. Ralph is a fantastic trainer and everything he taught us was wonderfully demonstrated by him during the training. I had multiple opportunities to utilise the material in mini-training sessions and to receive feedback on my performance. I’m confident that the training techniques I practised in this course will help me take my training to the next level.” Liz Given, Oracle

Our advanced courses will provide you with an additional skill set that will complement established techniques.  This can then be used as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to demonstrate trainer development.

To book a place on our courses email info@targettrg.co.uk or telephone 0800 302 9344.