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★★★★★ "I liked the thought evoking conversations we had which challenged me to see things differently and think of new possibilities I previously hadn’t thought of"

Natalie J.

A recent Harvard Business Review stated that 48% of professionals who engage with a coach do so to develop potential and facilitate positive change. Coaching is a brilliant tool for development and focuses on the future by fostering individual performance and guiding individuals to discover their own path.

Coaching is often misunderstood; individuals will regularly mix up training, coaching and mentoring without realising it. To book an introductory session, call us on +44 (0)800 302 9344 or email

Our Lead Coach and supervisor, Claire Moody:

Claire Moody MSc leads our coaching team. She is an experienced organisational development consultant and has built her status as a senior practitioner and supervisor of coaches and consultants. Claire has written several books on coaching, including the best selling Coaching Mindset, Self-Coaching For Personal Development, and several Coaching and Coaching Supervision Journals.

Claire is an extremely experienced supervisor, coach and trainer at Target Training. You can always guarantee she will deliver outstanding results. She has over 35 years' experience in training, coaching and supervision and quality assurance roles, working with a vast range of clients globally. Moreover, she has expertise in managing trainer inductions, standardisation and quality assurance for corporate clients. She holds an MSc in executive coaching and is accredited by Ashridge Business School, a world leader in executive coach training and development. Furthermore, she holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Supervision; the highest EMCC senior level. Additionally, she specialises in psychometric assessment, including MBTI (step 1,2), Firo B, 16PF and many more.

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"My aim as a supervisor and coach is to offer a safe space for my clients. I like my clients to feel received, valued and understood. I am very supportive, approachable, and professional creating the space for exploration. Offering guidance and ensuring ethical standards are maintained, I aim in getting the best out of people by tailoring my approach to the client, context and desired outcomes."

"I am incredibly motivated and focus on unlocking life-changing insights with each client. I encourage the development of deeper self-awareness and personal insight. I believe a person's past is no indication of their future; everyone can achieve change in whatever direction they choose, but they must decide and choose to do this, which is the key, committing themselves wholeheartedly. My preferences and specialisations in supervision and coaching are relational coaching – which works at a psychological depth, to address deep thoughts, behaviours and feelings – and performance coaching – helping individuals strive and motivate to be the best they can be."

"I can build a rapport from the start; this comes from a desire to help and support. I give every client the necessary attention and personal investment for their well-being and development; this is very motivational and inspirational. I offer the confidentially to allow this to happen and a relaxed environment to achieve this. I communicate and expertly understand the needs of every individual, which is pivotal to the relationship. I have an informal, wonderfully relaxed approach which is integrative: drawing on a person-centred approach. I balance analysis focusing on building trust so that new thinking, attitudes and behaviours can be developed."

Claire encourages the development of deeper self-awareness and personal insight and believes a person's past is no indication of their future; everyone can achieve change in whatever direction they choose. She firmly believes that people's beliefs about what is possible for themselves are their only limits.

Testimonials from clients that have worked with Claire:

★★★★★"Thanks to the work with Claire, I made fantastic progress in my personal and professional development in a relatively short space of time. Claire's relational approach to Coaching offers an excellent environment for exploration, insight and challenge; which perfectly matched the goals that I brought to our work together." Kevin Monaghan.

★★★★★ "The coaching experience didn't just help me to enhance my own management skills; it also helped me to reflect on me as a person and showed me how to reach my own personal goals. I can't praise Claire enough for what she has brought to my life." Irene Greenwood.

★★★★★ "Claire is a fantastic coach and I have really enjoyed working with her over the last eight weeks or so. She demonstrates a professional and compassionate approach and utilises her knowledge and experience to deliver a high level of coaching with tangible results." Laura Baker.

★★★★★ "I was able to access coaching through my place of work. I found Claire to be a great listener, quick to ask the right questions and to identify the key areas for my coaching. Claire understands the science behind her coaching, and it was obvious that my coaching solutions were tailored to me as an individual. Her explanations and suggestions are kept simple, so that they are easy to apply in the work environment. Highly recommended." KB.

Whether you require coaching or a coach requiring supervision, we can deliver face to face or remotely giving us a global reach.

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