coaching for managers - extended information

The ability to coach is an essential management skill, and our Coaching for Managers course give managers and leaders a set of competencies that they can use daily to coach members of staff. 

Coaching training session

Delegates complete a 1-day workshop. This course has been developed by experienced MSc coaching practitioner who has enormous experience of coaching, mentoring and training.

Our 1-day Coaching for Managers course covers the following key areas:

* Contracting a coaching session

* How to organise and run a session

* Personality awareness (using MBTI & Kahler's driver questionnaire)

* Questioning technique (push-pull type) and enhanced listening skills

* GROW and Gestalt techniques

This course is delivered by specialist coaching consultant and includes underpinning knowledge, practical exercises and practise coaching sessions.  

Managers completing this course will have a full understanding of effective coaching techniques and will feel confident in the application.  Staff receiving coaching will have an improved mental paradigm, and you will see improvements across the board.

There are massive benefits from any manager or leader attending this training:

* Improved understanding of how coaching works

* Improved awareness of themselves and others

* How to question staff effectively to get results

* Understanding what holds people back

* Awareness of real action planning that works

The course is offered as an open course or as an in-house option.  Open courses can be viewed here.  Please contact us on +44(0)1665 605695 or email for information on how it can be delivered in-house at your location.