management training testimonials

The following sample testimonials are from our Foundation Management Development Programme (FMDP), Management Development Programme (MDP) and our management soft skillManagement Training workshops:-

"FMDP was excellent and as a result of this course I am now more aware of the tools I can use to become an effective manager. I would like to thank Target Training for delivering such a superb course and my fellow 'students'.  If anyone is thinking about formal management training this FMDP course is ILM accredited and will equip you with the skills to become a more effective manager which would not just benefit you but also those that work for you ..."  Caroline Lofthouse, NOF Energy

"The standard of training on the course was exceptional, whilst the style and delivery made it enjoyable. Thanks to Target Training's professional and structured approach to the course, I looked forward to attending each session and was eager to read everything recommended and report back on all I had put into action.  The training I received from not only provided me with new skills, it convinced me, by giving me confidence in my own abilities, that I was capable of taking forward a new organisation and able to pass on some of my skills to others, including co-founders and volunteers, hence the launch BRAINBOX." Julie Cordon, co-founder, BRAINBOX

"I took so much away from the course, as it helped me to understand how the things I learnt at university fit into my sector. To be perfectly honest, I preferred Ralph and Tony's teaching styles to that of the lecturer's at university and felt I took a lot more away from the MDP.  They made the students feel relaxed and gave everybody the opportunity to shine. If I had not participated in this course, I don't think I would have been able to complete a lot of the work for my degree. I also gained a lot of confidence in my abilities.  The MDP was of similar context to some of the things covered at university however, the quality of the training provided by Target Training Associates was far superior. There really is no comparison!" Laura Middleton, Terlyn Care 

"This was the best training I have attended. The delivery of the material, trainer very understanding and approachable and most importantly, I had fun learning! Nothing could have been done better! I have told other staff that they missed out on some valuable learning and I have started to delegate now and feel comfortable doing so. I think I just needed that reassurance."  Alan Phillips, Right Trak 

"Delivery, absolutely fantastic."  Kimberly McLean, Self Unlimited 

"Motivation of delegates and involvement of the group was first class."  Nancy Anderson, Northumberland Care Trust 

"I really enjoyed it. The examples used in explaining management styles was done very well." Nicola Forbes, Elpha Lodge

"Training was delivered very well, he encouraged the group to contribute and to share thoughts and ideas." Sarah Cross, Eclipse Translations 

"The information was put across in a format that made understanding it much easier than reading it from a text book." Leon Christer, Century Signs 

"Ralph is 'fantastic' at delivering training and keeping the group motivated and focused." Sarah Stewart, United Business Centres