train the trainer testimonials

We are really proud of our testimonials and our clients on our PTT Train the Trainer courses tell us they are the best on offer.  Samples here are from our open and in-house Train the Trainer courses:-

“I did my research and Target Training Associates had some great reviews – and they didn’t fail to deliver. From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by Ralph with a great big smile and a warm welcome. Our group was a full course and we all got on superbly well! Ralph’s approach was personable, patient and engaging. Nothing was too much trouble for him. As well as group feedback, we had the opportunity for one to one feedback too which was hugely beneficial. Although I had some experience of facilitating training, I learnt skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my career. I have no doubt that Ralph would be an inspirational mentor. His ability to relate to situations is second to none and I found him a pleasure to learn from. I highly recommend Target Training Associates as a credible and reliable training provider.” Caroline Day, One Medical Group

“The PTT course that Ralph and Target Training provides is so much more than just an ordinary training course. I am absolutely buzzing with confidence after 2 days of training and I am now desperate to put my new skills to the test. The training was delivered with the utmost professionalism and definitely the best training course I have ever attended, I cannot speak highly enough about the whole experience." Richard Darnell, Whitworths Ltd

"I was looking for a course that would give me the skills to develop and deliver training with confidence & got a lot more! The most inspiring course I have ever completed." Rob Leaning, Consultant

"After the course had ended, I delivered a training session which received excellent feedback – something I attribute to the new skills I learned on the PTT course. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course to colleagues and when I need further training, Target Training will be my first port of call. it was definitely the best training course I’ve ever been on!"  Ruth Hawke, SYHA 

"In returning back to the workplace today, I feel empowered to deliver first-class training; benefitting the organisation through the upskilling of our workforce and the more effective dissemination of information.  I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who feels they need more effective training skills….and also those who think they already have them!" Angela Haykin, Aker Solutions

“From the outset Ralph’s enthusiasm and motivation were outstanding.  The course content was excellent and learnt a considerable amount.  It has made me feel much more confident to deliver effective training.” Louise Walby, GPI

"When Ralph briefed the group on what we would achieve within the 2 days, I thought – no way!  However, with the course content, the pace of it and the experience gained during the course activities I discovered I was capable of more than I dreamed of.  Previously, I would immediately become anxious at the thought of having to stand up in front of people and give a presentation.  Now, I actually enjoy it!" Alison Millard, Trent & Dove Housing. 

“In discussion this morning I absolutely enthused about the experience of the last two days.  I am certain I will need a few days/months/years to process and reflect on everything now that I’m back at work. I feel I have made a huge shift in my thinking and perceptions of self in the last few days, not only in learning some exceptional skills and techniques, but also personally." Marion Eastwood, Regents University.

"The way we saw an improvement on each delegate gave me confidence.  I learnt so many useful and key skills that I just can't wait to keep developing.  What an amazing course to attend.  I'm honoured and thrilled I did." Geraldine Persand, Melia White House Hotel

"So positive and a real inspiration, I have learned a lot and now have some invaluable skills to bring back to the office.  My confidence has grown as a result of this course."  Kirsty Rice, Cornmarket Insurance Services

"Ralph was very professional and immediately made me feel at ease.  The feedback sessions were fantastic.  I am an experienced trainer and I learnt a lot." Marie-Therese McAteer, Dep of Employment & Learning

“PTT Train the Trainer by Target Training Associates has been the best training course I have experienced. Ralph is warm and welcoming and straight away dives headfirst into showing the delegates the skills already have and built upon them to become a fantastic trainer (sometimes even without knowing). The practical opportunities to practise these new found skills and the opportunity to receive constructive feedback throughout the course is hugely beneficial not just you, but to the whole group, as we all learnt so much from one another. Thoroughly enjoyable and you won't want to go back to your desk afterwards, I know I certainly didn't!!! Fantastic course and well worth anyone's time if they are interested in developing training skills.” Helen Carvey, UKIM

"This is the best course I have ever attended during my professional career."  Sarah Bloor, Winn Solicitors

“The course was amazing, in fact, if there is a word better than that then I would use it. It was intense and at the same time life-changing. The feedback added to the process. I feel like a different person with so much energy. I have attended courses ( I mean a lot), I have to say your course is by far the best.” Viv Okuguni, IG Index 

“Thanks again for a truly amazing course. I'm amazed at how far we all came during those two days and I went home on Friday absolutely buzzing from the whole experience!” Carrie Walton, UK Independent Medical Services. 

"I cannot remember the last time I attended a course that I enjoyed as much as the PTT Train the Trainer course this week.  The course was fulfilling from a learning perspective as well as entertaining from an activity & enjoyment perspective.  The boundaries of individuals were tested throughout the course and I did not anticipate to see such immediate improvement in myself and peers."  Paul Williams, Schawk

“I attended the PTT Course, provided by Target Training Associates, led by the King of positivity, Ralph Moody. It was such an insightful two days and I took away more than I thought possible about different training techniques and how to ensure delegates are actually benefitting from the training courses that I run. This was not a generic course by any means, Ralph was able to tailor the course throughout using real-life situations from his impressive career, which was really helpful. I will be recommending Target Training Associates at every opportunity and convincing my management team to sign me up to more of their courses.” Joel Evans, Triaster 

"The course was the best that I have attended, and I really took a lot from it. 
Ralph is a fantastic trainer and is able to get the best out of his delegates. It is clear that he is an expert in his field. 
The training course has been really beneficial, and the feedback from the training that I deliver in my role has improved dramatically since attending. 
Thank you very much, Ralph."  Katie Beal, NewLaw Solicitors  

"Having done many train the trainer courses in my 40 +  year career, none, absolutely none gave me the tools or advice that I received from Ralph." Derrick Norton, Iberdrola Engineering & Construction 

“I wanted to e-mail you to say again how marvellous your training was, and how much I have learned.  Actually, I know that I have grown personally too by the whole experience.  I will definitely recommend you to all and sundry!  My all-time favourite saying which, I believe, is originally from Isaac Newton, goes something like “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”   You are definitely one of my ‘giants’!”  Aileen Hughes, H&S Consultant

"Support throughout the course was excellent by the trainer.  For someone lacking in confidence, this has been a thoroughly positive experience." Karen East, Self Employed

"Ralph is a very motivating trainer.  I was terrified about doing this course and I feel he has really brought out the best in me.  Thank You!." Lisa Sparkes, General Optical Council

"Ralph is obviously a very skilled trainer with lots of experience.  He was very friendly and engaging.  The content was great and delivery well-paced.  Great course." Michelle Pond, University of Leicester

"The course content was not only engaging but very well structured.  I have learnt much more than I thought I could over 2 days!!  I feel much more confident and ready to put my new skills into practice."  Michelle Saunders, Enquest 

"Fantastic trainer, really friendly & relatable, great content, lots of feedback and chances to practise. Brill!!."  Esme Palmer, vinspired

"Incredibly supportive and encouraging and created a safe place for colleagues to encourage each other and grow in confidence. I really enjoyed the techniques and putting them into practice." Ffion Evans, vinspired 

"Excellent course - really built my confidence and gave great advice on questioning techniques etc.  Brilliant trainer and venue."  Matthew Trower, Regents University London

"I can't believe what we have covered over the last couple of days.  Ralph made sure I understood and that I had the skills to be a FANTASTIC TRAINER." Sandy Dodd, Tuxford Academy

 "The course was excellent, in fact the best I have attended. It has taught me many techniques improving my training and engagement skills, which will also benefit me in other areas. I will definitely recommend your company and this course to others." Neil Hutchinson, AES

"This has to be the best course I have ever attended.  Ralph gives you confidence and empowers. Can't wait for the next one."  Christina Marshall, Schawk

"What can I say, loved, loved the course.  My head was buzzing all last night thinking about the skills and techniques."  Pauline Hughes, DfE&L

"What a brilliant course!  I truly believe the best that I have ever been on.  I came away with so much that I am just dying to put into practice.  I am still ‘buzzing’ even now;  I would and already have recommended this course to anyone that wants to hone their trainer skills – you will come away with the confidence in knowing that if you use the techniques you learn and practice on the course, your sessions will be ‘FANTASTIC’.“   Richard Brookes, Birmingham YMCA

"Ralph's course was fantastic and has been invaluable to me in terms of boosting my confidence and enabling me to recognise my abilities as a potential trainer. Ralph's can do attitude and amazing personality was infectious and you really felt as though he was your friend by the end of the course. Ralph's ability to get the best of you is certainly one of his top attributes. Thanks to his training course I have now been selected to deliver training within my organisation. Would certainly use his company again." Karen Forrester, Iberdrola

“Very good energy and enthusiasm to bring the group together and ease tension. Covered all of the areas in a timely manner.” Warren Brown, European Oatmillers 

“I think the whole session was done really well. It was wonderful to see the progression of participants from one day to the next. It was a really comfortable environment and we were immediately put at ease by Ralph. I would recommend the course to others.” Nicola Brown, BEN 

“The presenter was excellent and identified each person’s pace. The structure and content were fun and perfectly aimed for the ability of delegates. This is the most enjoyable course I have been on!” Ian Davies, Cushman & Wakefield 

"By the last day, my confidence had boosted 100%. I had had so much fun on the course and felt really comfortable standing up in front of the group (something I never thought I would do!). I have since delivered 3 presentations at uni in front of around 20 people and also delivered a presentation to around 80 managers and training providers at a website launch. If I hadn't attended this course I most certainly would not have done any of this and properly wouldn't be as confident in my job role." Laura Middleton, Terlyn Care

“Course was like a breath of fresh air! Ralph was fantastic, full of energy, really did motivate everyone, never felt bored. I’ve learnt so much.” Ami Hayer, Cushman & Wakefield

“Excellent course! A friendly and relaxed atmosphere which helped me get the most from the course. I am looking forward to using all of the techniques learnt.” Peter Hope, De La Rue International

“I’ve got something from all the areas and learned so much. I would like Ralph as my life coach now!” Michelle Brunton, Iberdrola

“Everything was enjoyable even the scary parts! Using all those new techniques tomorrow.” Amy White, Newcastle Centre for Life

“The whole delivery was fantastic. We were engaged in a way which was fun and it gave me a wealth of knowledge which I can go away and apply within my role at my present company.”  Philip Matis, Churchill Services

“This is one of the best courses I have been on. Would certainly recommend it. No improvements needed.” Sharon Dyson, Consultant

“Outstanding course, excellent trainer. A lot of ground covered. Liked the small group, lots of practise, good contact.” Carol Blythe, Carol Blythe Associates

“Really good that it challenged and pushed me to participate. Has really made me evaluate how I train and lots of things I can use to improve.” Sally Montier, Eaves 

“Clearly structured and very engaging. Lots and lots of reinforcement cleverly integrated into learning activities. Very interesting, fantastic trainer. I learned things that I’ll still be using decades from now.” Paul Hendrie, Higher Ability

“Ralph’s enthusiasm and delivery was infectious and rubbed off on the group as a whole, leading to varied and constructive input. Overall a very good experience.” Alan Parsons, Aerotech Plus 

“Trainer very enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgable. He made me want to perform well – very motivational. I learnt a lot.” David Gibson, Jones Bros

“The whole course content and delivery was fantastic. Extremely informative, relaxed and fun. This experience has given me the drive and enthusiasm to want the training environment career again. Thank you.” Paul Cameron, Valley Watch 

“Great engagement. I gained the confidence to produce my own training course.” Carl Richardson, Rich Marketing

“Fantastic trainer really kept you engaged and encouraged me to be more confident in my abilities. Very motivational. Fabulous! Thanks Ralph.” Karen Forrester, Iberdrola

“Ralph is a consummate professional who knows the topic inside out. Best course I’ve attended in a long while and invaluable.” David Williams, Iberdrola

“They always say there’s room for improvement but I can’t think of anything – thought it was fantastic!” Emma Pickford, NEP Shared System Group

“Excellent delivery. Made the 2 days fun and enjoyable whilst getting the theory across. Plenty of opportunities to practise new skills. Will definitely be applying new skills and techniques to future presentations and training sessions.” Craig Alderson, NEP Shared System Group 

“Incredibly positive attitude and a breath of fresh air.” Roland Owen, NEP Shared System Group

“Has helped me feel much more confident about myself and when giving a training session. Brilliant course.” Andrew Seymour, NEP Shared System Group

“Brought me out of my shell and filled me with confidence.” Victoria Sleath, NEP Shared System Group 

“Thought the course was excellent from the first second I walked in the room. Greeted with a smile and respectful throughout, Ralph is a great trainer and a credit to Target Training. I would certainly recommend this course to everyone!” Mike Harris, Jacobs Engineering UK

“The presentation and content of the course was excellent. Easy to understand and remember all the key points. No matter how experienced the individuals were Ralph had time to explain and listen. I really enjoyed the two days and know I will benefit from the course work.” Trish Bromley, Newcastle International Airport